By Mark McConville


THIS 75-FOOT-LONG completely solar-powered, self-sufficient livable yacht has been billed as the ‘next generation floating house’ but comes at the princely sum of £4.2m.

Made for Bay Waters, the vessel can cruise at a speed between 3-7 knots. The four 40ft long hydraulic spuds allow to anchor in up to 20ft water depths and lift the livable yacht above sea-level.

Mediadrumimages / House Yacht Living

It is over 4,000 square foot and features four luxurious bedrooms and four and a half baths. Each vessel is designed and built in a traditionally Dutch maritime fashion.

The Arkup yacht is the work of House Yacht Living and can be purchased for around £4.2m without furniture. To purchase with Artefacto furniture and Hamilton Art costs a further £300k.

“Arkup livable yachts combine the best attributes of yachts, floating houses and waterfront villas, with the added benefits of being self-sufficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly,” states the company.

Mediadrumimages / House Yacht Living

“Live in comfort and luxury in total autonomy, and enjoy life between the sea, the sky and the city. Dock in a metropolitan marina or anchor in a tranquil bay. Cruise silently in waterways, bays or open sea.

“Because you’re producing your own electricity with solar panels, there is no noise, no fumes, and no fuel bills. When elevated on its hydraulic pilings, the vessel is as stable as a house, and protected from the action of the waves.

Mediadrumimages / House Yacht Living

“The Arkup livable yacht was conceived to be sustainable and “future-proof”, from its ability to withstand or avoid extreme weather events, to its self-contained systems that allow fully off-the-grid living.

“The Arkup #1 features an open concept Miele equipped kitchen, furniture designed by Artefacto and artwork by Hamilton Aguiar.

“Enjoy the 270-degree panoramic views, with floor-to-ceiling windows, two decks, and five terraces. The Arkup #1 also includes a 456-square-foot retractable terrace surrounded by shock resistant glass railings. This allows for plenty of outdoor space.”