Finya showing off her curves and bum in black gym gear. MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner

By Liana Jacob


MEET the plus size model who is now flaunting her curves on social media with an Instagram following of over 42K as part of a one-woman guerrilla campaign to celebrate big butts.


Aspiring model, Finya Hohner (24), who lives in New York, USA, used to have body image issues and considered her stomach to be ‘too big’ that she would restrict her diet.

Finya showing off her curves and bum in a light-brown dress.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


She has since learnt that her size is beautiful and now embraces her ‘flaws’, to send a powerful message to other women that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


At a dress size of 12 to 14, she now displays her voluptuous figure on Instagram for her 42.8K followers to show them that big is beautiful.

Finya showing off her curves in a revealing dress.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“I used to starve myself to lose weight and to be a smaller size. I also never felt one-hundred percent beautiful because, my stomach was too big as well as my hips and thighs,” Finya said.


“Today all this negative thinking and being so hard on myself has stopped. I am very happy with myself and I understand that its normal to have flaws.

Finya showing off her bum in a dress.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“I also used to believe what others told me about my body and that made me feel very bad about myself.


“I post pictures online to show my curves but also my flaws. Nobody is perfect. On top of that I also want to show woman that they can be very fashionable even at a bigger size.

Finya showing off her bum in a lime green jumpsuit.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“I always liked to show off my curves even when I was not a perfect size. I can honestly say that I love embracing my body and my looks.


“I feel like it’s much better for your inner peace to fully accept yourself and the body you are born with. That’s why I like to promote and encourage others to accept and love the body they’re in.

Finya showing off her curves in a black lace dress.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“My goal is to become a plus size or curvy model and wear clothes that are not necessarily shown by models my size; clothes that are skin-tight for example.”


Finya, who is originally from Hamburg, Germany, keeps to a regular exercise routine and is on a plant-based diet, whilst still allowing herself to have a cheat day.

Finya pictured revealing her posterior.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“I love the plus size industry, because it is a very nice reminder for everyone in this world that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder,” she said.


“This is not a negative statement this is actually a great way of showing that any woman that wants to be a model can go for it, it doesn’t matter the shape or size of her body.

Finya pictured flaunting her butt in a lace swimsuit.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“I exercise three times a week doing cardio and lifting weights. I just finished a great thirty-three-day detox.


“I have fasted for twenty-five days and the rest of the eight days I had very light, healthy meals. I eat a very clean, plant-based diet, but sometimes I also like to have a cheat day.

Finya showing off her curves in a yellow swimsuit.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“Most people say they really love my posts and think I look very nice. They think what I’m doing is a great idea.


“You must always believe in yourself and not let the media, news, movies etc. control what you are supposed to look like.

Finya pictured taking a selfie.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner


“I believe it is very important to teach children and teenagers that however they look like is beautiful and also teach them to fully accept themselves as they are.”

Finya pictured flaunting her curves in a latex red dress.
MDWfeatures / Finya Hohner