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By Mark McConville


LEAVE your nine to five behind and escape to the Amazon with this 27-acre private island now available for £674k.


Incredible images show the lush green island from above with extensive buildings, a private pool and your own jetty.

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Other stunning shots show the glimmering pool area, cosy bedrooms filled with rose petals and an outdoor decking area.


Amazon Resort Island is located on Mamori Lake, south Manaus, Brazil and is currently listed on www.privateislandsonline.com for around £674k.

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“The main structure consists of two sections divided by a comfortable veranda with continuous breeze flowing through it during the day,” states the listing.


“The first section consists of a large sitting room, the owner’s bedroom with private bathroom, the maid’s bedroom with private bath, and a small and practical coin laundry area in the centre.

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“The second section is a brick house with four suite bedrooms all with their own private bath. There is also a wooden house consisting of two suite bedrooms with a private bath. The advantage of this house is its wooden structure that the current owners have kept intact due to the high quality of the material which is practically indestructible.

“An independent structure contains a kitchen – restaurant – one bath for guests and a coin laundry facility with annexed bathroom for the employees. The owner is in the process of starting construction to build a larger laundry facility next to the kitchen.

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“The back of the island is dedicated to simpler wood and straw structures which can be reached by a pathway leading to them, which is where the generator is found. A project is under way to build a pathway all around the island for ecological viewing.”

Amazon Resort Island is considered an important historical site. From 1940 to 1975, the island produced perfumes essences from rosewood to be exported to France and was known as Ilha da Usina (Factory Island). Due to its importance, French President Giscard d’Estaing paid a visit in 1975.

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From 1975 to 1984 the island entered a long rest and the vegetation quickly destroyed the factory. In 1985 the current owner started a travel agency in Rio de Janeiro and began to send clients to Manaus. The ancient house of the previous owner became a traditional base.

“The weather conditions and wildlife make this island quite unique,” continues the listing.

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“The Amazon is divided into two specific periods: the dry season starting from the beginning of June up to the beginning of December and the rainy season for the rest of the year. Rainy season does not mean it rains everyday but definitely more extensively. During this period, water levels rise whereas they are lower during the dry season.

“Mosquitoes literally disappear during the rainy season and appear when waters start climbing. Low waters and mosquitoes benefit large sport fishing activities. Fishermen arrive from all over Brazil and the United States, regardless of the mosquitoes.”

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For more information see https://www.privateislandsonline.com/south-america/brazil/amazon-resort-island