Two bears fight over in the water as they hunt for their next meal. Roie Galitz /

By Alyce Collins


AMAZING photographs capture two bears brawling over a tasty fish supper before one snaps up the tasty treat from the icy waters.

A younger bear forages for food.
Roie Galitz /


Incredible pictures show a 1400-pound male brown bear on the hunt for his next meal, as he dives into the water searching for fish, as his young cubs watch his heroics from afar.

This male bear dives into the water in search of his next meal.
Roie Galitz /


Other shots show the 10 feet tall wild bears wrestling in the freezing waters as the hunt for food appears to take a turn.

The bear dives into the freezing waters hunting for salmon.
Roie Galitz /


The fascinating shots were taken in the Kuril Lake in Kamchatka, Russia by wildlife photographer Roie Galitz (37) from Givaataim, Israel.

A male bear and his two cubs.
Roie Galitz /


“The most important key to good wildlife photography is patience,” said Roie.

The adult male protects his hungry cubs.
Roie Galitz /


“You can wait for hours for just one tiny but crucial moment, and of course you have to be well prepared in order to capture it.

Two male bears fighting over salmon.
Roie Galitz /


“For these particular images, I set down low in the water for a while, knowing the bear will be hungry and will try to hunt at some point. I located myself to the right of the bear and waited to capture the moment he dove into the water from a low angle.

The fight for food intensifies.
Roie Galitz /


“Being in the wild can always get dangerous really fast. That is the animal’s home and I’m only a guest there. Before every expedition I research and study their behaviour and I do everything I can to keep them, and myself, safe.

Roie was just ten metres away from the fighting bears.
Roie Galitz /


“On the extreme expeditions I’ve done I’ve been fortunate enough to witness and capture rarely seen wild animals in their natural habitats. I’m always looking for new places to explore, the less touched by humans the better.

This male bear feeds his two young cubs.
Roie Galitz /


“I first saw Kamchatka on a National Geographic programme and once I saw those majestic brown bears roaming its rushing rivers I knew I had to visit that wild paradise myself.”

These bears can stand up to ten feet tall.
Roie Galitz /


Roie used a Nikon D850 and 500mm F/4 lens on a Gitzo tripod to capture the impressive bear forage from which he was just thirty feet away from.


Kamchatka brown bears are the largest brown bears in Eurasia. Kamchatka bears feed off blueberries, nuts and salmon that they hunt.

This cub stayed on land to hunt for food.
Roie Galitz /


Roie is an avid supporter of environmental activism and is a Greenpeace ambassador after having seen the beauty and wonders of wildlife first hand and wanting to respect that.


“My personal goal is to share unique stories about our beautiful wildlife and make people fall in love with it,” added Roie.

Two bears are seen getting very fiesty.
Roie Galitz /


“Our plant is amazing and is home to so many incredible creatures. It is changing as we speak so we must protect it and minimise our destructive influence and be more conscious of our actions.”


You can see more of Roie’s incredible photography on his blog, Roie Galitz Photographer or on his Instagram, @roiegalitz.