The intimidating entrance. Bullet/

By Dan Coles



LOST COFFINS were discovered by a spooked urban explorer while they prowled about this ex-funeral home which could be the spookiest abandoned property yet.


Photos show what an abandoned funeral home looks like long after its life span. The wallpaper can be seen peeling off the walls as the photographer snaps more images of the building, while assorted ruined furniture litters the once-busy funeral home throughout.

Broken furniture littering the room.


Eerie images show tattered coffins lined up ready for use before the property was left behind. Leaning up against one of the coffins a visible half-finished head stone stands with the name and dates of the deceased already carved into it.


Other images show the property itself, each room as decrepit as the last with rotting furniture and décor throughout. A mixture of smashed items litter the floor.

Abandoned herse left inside.


Exteriors of the property only add to the haunted atmosphere with more caskets dispersed around the property’s grounds.


Upsetting photographs show us an image of a child’s casket in one of the rooms. The white casket is sadly no more than a few feet in length seemingly prepared for a funeral before the building was left behind.

The discovered childs coffin.


The catalogue of images were taken by Miami based photographer ‘Bullet’ whose love of photography has lead him to delve into shooting abandoned buildings since 2009.


“It was a wet, warm day so everything was soaked, including a lot of the inside which had leaks throughout the entire building. It was kind of creepy being in a place full of caskets with a full-on rainstorm happening outside,” described Bullet.

The almost collapsed stairway. Bullet/


“There are a number of caskets left abandoned here, along with a hearse. The saddest part was finding the child’s casket which is a morbid reminder how precious life is.”


Bullet got his own batch of equipment ready when he decided he wanted to start shooting. The talented self-taught photographer armed with his Nikon D810 travels to different locations unearthing hidden spots like this one, which was shot in Alabama.

Forgotten piano left in one of the rooms.


Public records on the building are slim, however the funeral home first opened for business in the late 1800s becoming one of the first to operate in the area. It was last open in 1997 but has been untouched for the past decade.


Locals in the area are convinced there’s a paranormal presence in the building with frequent happenings including lights turning on and off throughout the night plus numerous visions of figures in the windows.

A carved headstone leaning against the coffins.


“I first saw a documentary on urban exploring back in 2009 and became involved in shooting abandoned buildings shortly afterwards. I’ve never been to school for photography so I’m self-taught in that field,” explained Bullet.


“I love urban exploring because I get to see things that many people don’t know about and at the same time, I get to share these places through my photography with people as well.

Spooky coffins left in the grounds.


“The funeral home was abandoned over a decade ago when the previous owners moved to another location. While I couldn’t find why they left all these caskets and even a car behind, my guess is that they were using the building for storage and eventually forgot about it.


“There’s lots of money in the funeral business so it’s not a stretch to think they could’ve simply forgot about them.”

Open coffins left scattered across the building.

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