Sascha Jung /

By Timmy Odejimi

HAUNTING images reveal the remains of a deserted Belgian mansion that appears to be stuck in the 1940s.

Spine-chilling pictures display two taxidermy of a wolf and a boar, cracked walls, a coal oven, cobwebbed ceilings and floors and a decayed wine cellar.

Sascha Jung /


These eerie images were captured in Liege, Belgium, by urban explorer, Sascha Jung (44), on a Canon EOS 70D.

“When I entered the house, it seemed to me that I was going back to the past century or so,” said Sascha.

“The atmosphere in the building was a bit uneasy and you had the feeling that you were being watched.

Sascha Jung /


“At times one could hear noises from the neighbouring rooms and I thought someone else was in the house.”

The fully furnished Belgian manor contains wooden frame beds, an antique Singer sewing machine covered in dust, an old-fashioned chandelier, and a grand mahogany bookshelf.

Though the mansion is a derelict state, it, however, exerts a certain quaint beauty of a time gone by.

Sascha Jung /


“I love the many antique furniture and wardrobes found in the mansion, which today are priceless,” said Sascha.

“You have to be careful when exploring abandoned houses like this, it can be a dangerous adventure.

“Through these kind of pictures, I want to show people the beauty of abandoned buildings and the fascinating forgotten places in the world.”

Sascha Jung /