Before and after. Camila Quintela /

By Liana Jacob

MEET the woman who after suffering from various health problems decided to undergo gastric band surgery to lose an incredible nine-stone six pounds in just a year-and-a-half and now shows off her slender model-like physique.

Digital influencer, Camila Quintela (33), from Brazil, struggled with her weight having lived with it her whole life and her family has a history of diseases caused by obesity.

Before. Camila Quintela /


Her heaviest weight of 20st 13Ibs and UK size 28 caused her self-esteem to plummet, rendering her feeling depressed and being subject to cruel comments.

She would eat mainly fast food meals and never exercised, until her declining health triggered her new sense of empowerment, leading her to shrink to a svelte 11st 7Ibs and UK size 14.

“I had respiratory problems, gastritis, I suffered from prejudice and I could not physically exercise due to my weight.

Before and after. Camila Quintela /


“My family have a history of contracting diseases caused by obesity, including respiratory problems. I had low self-esteem and I found it difficult to find clothes and constraints caused by obesity.

“I underwent bariatric (gastric band) surgery, which was a tool to change my lifestyle; I adopted healthy habits, balanced diet and I now muscle train every day of the week, and dance three times a week.

“I now eat protein, vegetables, fruits, whole food and I very rarely snack on candy or fatty food.

Before and after. Camila Quintela /


“Now I have faith in my body and in my health. I have a disposition, quality of life and I find all the clothes I like, because I know they will fit me.

“My self-esteem has improved greatly, and I am now super-confident, in addition to greatly improving my aesthetic shape, I am now healthier on the inside.

“I removed soft drinks, sugar and grease from my diet and incorporate bodybuilding into my exercise routine.”

Now. Camila Quintela /


For the bariatric surgery, or gastric band surgery, a band is placed around the stomach to restrict the person’s appetite; resulting in them feeling full quicker.

The process of giving up the food she was fond of, proved to be difficult for Camila.

“To give up the bad food I liked so much was the hardest thing about losing weight. But I have now adapted to healthy eating and I do not miss it anymore,” she said.

Now. Camila Quintela /


“Some people do not recognize me. And they are all very surprised and happy with my change and are inspired to change as well.

“First and foremost, I understand that obesity is an illness, and just like any other disease, it must be treated. Look through a search system and consolidate your goal. Maintain focus and accreditation on your ability.”

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