Maleficent. Minnie McGee /

By Mark McConville

ONE BRITISH artist has revealed some of her top looks for Halloween in a series of stunning pictures.

The incredible images show the artist as a sultry Jessica Rabbit, heroic Wonder Woman and the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, from Game of Thrones.

Daenerys Targaryen. Minnie McGee /


Other amazing looks include The Joker, Harley Quinn and Jigsaw from the movie Saw and upcoming thriller Jigsaw.

The creative looks are the work of fine artist, tattoo designer and makeup artist Minnie McGee (24) from Leeds, UK.

“Some of my friends who work in theatrical makeup professionally uploaded images from their portfolio around Halloween time last year, and suggested I do the same,” she said.

Harley Quinn. Minnie McGee /


“It’s the perfect time to upload as people who are not usually interested in makeup are searching for ideas for Halloween.

“The looks I’ve created are a mixture of typical Halloween themed looks (vampires, evil film characters and gore) with my other skills within makeup such as contouring faces into other shapes, my use of colour and my ability to create a unique following a brief.

“I didn’t want to just create 31 frightening looks as I thought that would be a bit repetitive and show limited skill.”

Jessica Rabbit. Minnie McGee /


Minnie’s looks are part of her 31 Days of Halloween posts over on her Instagram, which boasts an impressive 51k followers, she explained how she was able to create so many different looks as well as her ideal Halloween look.

“Ideally, an original one, but I went as a devil last year and I planned to do a cat this year so I think I need to have a word with myself,” she said.

“I keep an ideas sketchbook and I write and sketch down any ideas and inspiration I get in there throughout the year, I then looked back and picked out the best 31 ideas.

The Joker. Minnie McGee /


“I tried to create some sets over the 31 days, so I have an Alice in Wonderland set and a DC Comics set. Once I had all the ideas I then purchased all the makeup, wigs and face/body paint is need to complete the looks in plenty of time so I could practice with the new products.”

Minnie has loved people’s reactions to her makeup although she admits she wishes she had recorded a few.

“I’ve had to answer the door to the post man and the window cleaner a few times while I have the makeup on, and I wish I could’ve recorded their reactions,” she added.

Wonder Woman. Minnie McGee /


“People generally love the looks, they’ve been received so well I’m even considering doing 12 days of Christmas (12 different Christmas looks) because of the reception these looks have had.

“I’m so proud I’ve been able to create something that people genuinely love, and I can’t wait to see where the series takes me.”
Minnie also had a message for anyone looking to emulate her looks or even get into makeup at any level.

“I’d like to convey that makeup really is for anyone, I myself have been intimidated walking into a makeup store or over faced when looking at products online, but with a limited kit and good tools you can truly create some great looks,” explained Minnie.

Mystique. Minnie McGee /


“The possibilities are on limited by your own imagination. I hope I’ve encouraged more people to get creative, I’ve absolutely loved being tagged in people’s images where they’ve recreated my looks, and it’s the biggest compliment.

“I’ll be starting up a YouTube channel in the new year with tutorials and videos relating to makeup too, which I can’t wait for.”