Davide Lopresti / mediadrumworld.com

By Mark McConville

INCREDIBLE images have captured a huge 16-foot-long Great White shark dwarfing a diving cage.

The underwater pictures show the enormous predator checking out the cage and the divers contained inside, which look miniscule in comparison.

Davide Lopresti / mediadrumworld.com

Other stunning shots were taken from inside the cage and show the shark trying to get its head through a gap in the cage and biting on one of the metal bars.

The spectacular snaps were taken in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico by Italian photographer Davide Lopresti (37).

“Isla Guadalupe is an important destination for white sharks, one of the few places in the world where it is possible to watch them best,” he said.

Davide Lopresti / mediadrumworld.com

“You see the king of the sea in its natural environment.

“I love bringing everything back to its place. There are free animals and caged men. The fact we are extinguishing them is sad.”

The novel Jaws and the subsequent film depicted the great white shark as a “ferocious man eater”.

Davide Lopresti / mediadrumworld.com

Humans are not the preferred prey of the great white shark, but, nevertheless, the great white is responsible for the largest number of reported and identified fatal unprovoked shark attacks on humans.

Davide, who took the photographs with a Nikon D600, explained the problems in trying to capture the fearsome predator in its element.

“In underwater photography, you have to have special equipment, including an underwater case, underwater flash, and plenty of experience to work in an environment that is not ours,” he explained.

“The unpredictability of the shark and the ability to understand its movements are the key to succeed in photographing it at its best.”

Davide Lopresti / mediadrumworld.com