By Shannine O’Neill


TERRIFYING IMAGES of bull sharks opening their mouths around a divers hand has been captured.

Going for a bite.

One image shows the seven-foot shark grasping at a fish that was placed in his jaws by a diver.

Another image shows an up-close shot of a 350-pound shark happily chomping on a fish with its huge jaws.

Grabbing a snack.

Wildlife photographer Jeff Joel (66) from Jupiter, Florida, USA captured incredible images of up-close bull sharks being fed fish.

Jeff was surrounded by up-to ten bull sharks at once, only inches away from himself in Florida, USA.

A bull shark minding his buisness.

Using a Nikon D850 camera, Jeff captured images of bull sharks reaching their jaws wide for their next meal.

“I always get as close as possible to the sharks to capture the best photos,” Jeff said.

Feeding them cut up fish is my favourite thing about this shoot specifically but my favourite thing about all of my shoots is my interaction with wildlife.

A full mouth.

“People are fascinated by the images.

“I’m trying to change the perception that people have of sharks.”