By Aimee Braniff Cree


HILARIOUS IMAGES of dogs at play underwater have been captured.

Images show one-year-old cockapoo Albie and six-year-old sprocker spaniel Bonnie in high action shots as they play with their toys under the water.

Underwater dogs:
Albie shows off his canines

These images were captured in Canine Aqua Centre in Bedfordshire, a specialist Canine swimming facility by photographer Lucy Ray (43) of Starfish Underwater Photography.

Lucy used her Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 5DS plus Sony A7RIv and A7Rv cameras with custom made, protective housings so they can be used safely underwater.

“I just try to capture what happens when the dogs enter the water, it’s such an unusual view of the dog’s face, and they look so different to how they normally look,” said Lucy.

Underwater dogs:
Bonnie splashes down

“The open mouth shots are both hilarious and terrifying.

“After I have taken some shots, I have to sink down to the bottom of the pool and let the dog swim over my head to avoid getting in the way of the ball or the jaws.”

“All the dogs that take part in a dog shoot are already good swimmers.

“We just throw the ball in for the dog, and see what happens. We never force a dog into the water.

Underwater dogs:
Albie chases after the tennis ball

“Both Bonnie and Albie couldn’t get enough of chasing their tennis balls, so I just had to wait under the water to capture the action.”