Mexico, the Cathedral, City of Mexico (1843-1942). Public domain /

By Liana Jacob

STUNNING colour photographs from the nineteenth and twentieth century show Mexico under the rule of its twenty-ninth president Porfirio Diaz.

The breath-taking pictures bring to life the calming waters of Canal de la Viga, City of Mexico, the Mexican carreta in Chihuahua and the utopian scene of the Juanacatlan Falls.

Mexico, Falls of Juanacatlan (1884-1900). Public domain /

Other pictures include the majestic view of the cathedral in Mexico City, a view from the bridge in Orizaba and the Chapultepec Castle between 1884 and 1940.

Beautiful landscapes capture the clear blue pool in Aguascalientes, a market square in Aguascalientes and the tree of Noche Triste in Popotla.

Mexico, Popocatapetl [sic] from Amecameca (1884-1900). Public domain /

From February 17, 1877, to December 1, 1880, Porfirio Diaz became the 29th president of Mexico and again from December 1, 1884 to May 25, 1911. He was the president for a total of three and a half decades from 1876 to 1911.

He served seven terms as President of Mexico and was a veteran of the War of the Reform between 1858 to 1860.

Canal de la Viga, City of Mexico (1884-1900). Public domain /

Diaz has been considered a controversial figure in Mexican history; while the Porfirian regime brought stability following decades of conflict, it grew unpopular due to civil repression and political stagnation.

Chihuahua is one of the 32 states of Mexico and although Chihuahua is primarily identified with the Chihuahuan Desert for namesake, it has more forests than any other state in Mexico, except for Durango.

Mexico, view showing Cathedral Lagos (1884-1900). Public domain /