NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

By Rebecca Drew

MEET the living doll who has finally learnt to love herself after she discovered quirky Japanese street fashion after being bullied made her hide behind baggy hoodies and trousers.

Incredible pictures show Elena Vanet (26), also known as Undecided Eevee, sporting the breath-taking collection of outfits and makeup looks she experiments with and creates. Elena says that being a living doll has freed her from society’s perception of beauty and has helped her become more confident in herself.

NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

Elena, who is from New Jersey, USA, is currently training to be a nurse and says being a living doll has helped her perfect her sewing, wig styling and makeup skills.

“Before I became a living doll I hardly ever wore makeup or nice clothing, I thought I’m just going grocery shopping, I’m just going to school, I’m just going to the movies no one will see me everyone is watching the movie, why should I bother getting dressed up,” said Elena.

“I thought I was a tomboy because I thought I wasn’t interested in makeup or brightly coloured clothing.

NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

“I was bullied and I felt so ugly and bad about myself and would questions why I should bother dressing up because I thought I wouldn’t look good anyway.

“Being a living doll is a reason to get dressed up. It is a reason for always trying to look nice. I might occasionally still compare myself to others and feel like I’m not good enough but I have a reason to keep trying, to never give up on myself.

“I found that I love fashion, I just don’t love mainstream fashion. Being a living doll has let me stop hiding behind baggy jeans and hoodies and actually find myself.

NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

“Being a living doll has freed me from feeling like I have to try to be pretty in a conventional way. It has unleashed my creative side. I am free to look how I want.”

Elena can spend up to 40 minutes doing her makeup in the morning and can spend up to two hours perfecting a fresh look. She is also careful not to overspend and has honed her look by searching out bargains.

“It is mostly makeup. Elaborate eyeliner and shadow, huge false eyelashes, coloured contact lenses, hair bleach, clothing and corseting,” she explained.

“Corsets are actually not uncomfortable like many people think they are and is a great support for my back when I need to stand for long periods of time or while driving. I have been seeing a dermatologist and using a prescribed face wash which has actually gotten rid of my very stubborn acne.

NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

“I bleach my hair. I didn’t mean to go blonde the first time just light brown, but it was a happy accident and now I want to fearlessly go an even paler blonde.

“I cut and colour my hair myself so it is not too expensive. False eyelashes are inexpensive in large multi packs and can be reused, coloured contacts only cost between twenty to thirty dollars and last for quite a while.

“Much of my makeup is inexpensive however, I found I do have to use more expensive mascara as my eyes get irritated with the drug store brands.

NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

“I am also unfortunately forced into a more expensive concealer as it is the only one I have ever found that is pale enough to match my skin and actually covers.

“My clothing varies greatly in how much it costs. A few of my dresses cost about a hundred dollars but some of my clothing is from thrift shops and can cost as little as seven dollars.”

Elena says that public reaction is mostly positive but she does receive some nasty comments when out and about.

NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

“Most of the reactions are positive or curious. Occasionally, I get a negative reaction from people whispering loudly to their friends something like, ‘look at that freak’. Or groups of usually middle school girls look at me and then turn back to their group and start laughing,” she said.

“It hurts but as I’m quite shy, I generally respond by ignoring them and walking away.

“As soon as I’m out of sight I pull out a mirror and make sure I don’t have lipstick on my teeth, my false eyelashes aren’t falling off, or my skirt isn’t flipped up.

NEW JERSEY, USA. Undecided Eevee /

“I make myself feel better by looking in the mirror and looking down at my outfit and reminding myself that I think it looks cool. That I like the way I look even if it isn’t ‘normal’.

“If you feel awesome then you are awesome.”

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