Averill, Harder, and Johnson. Natalia Valiukevich / mediadrumworld.com

By Timmy Odejimi

INCREDIBLE images of baseball players dating back to the early days of America’s Major League Baseball (MLB).


Natalia Valiukevich / mediadrumworld.com

One picture shows a team portrait of the world-famous Boston Red Sox, 1890, uniformed in their original colours of red and white.


Boston Reds, 1890. Natalia Valiukevich / mediadrumworld.com

Other images display different teams and players such as Babe Herman a right fielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers long before they became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958. Another picture shows the celebrated Philadelphia Athletics player, manager, and later part-owner, Connie Mack draped in a classic overcoat and fedora hat.


Connie Mack. Natalia Valiukevich / mediadrumworld.com

These amazing colourisations were produced by Belarussian colourisation artist, Natalia Valiukevich (40) with a Wacom Intuos Pen CTL-480.

“These pictures are that of old baseball players from the early period of the Major League Baseball,” said Natalia.

Earl Averill. Natalia Valiukevich / mediadrumworld.com

“I had to study American baseball because in my country [Belarus] baseball is unknown – I sometimes joke that I’m a great baseball specialist in Belarus.”

The MLB is the premier baseball league in America and was established in 1869 and is the oldest professional baseball league in the world.


Bob Feller. Natalia Valiukevich / mediadrumworld.com

The MLB is known for its ‘World Series’ which is an annual championship series and was first contested in 1903 between Pittsburgh and Boston.

“I really love old photos and I believe that correct colourisation and art can bring a little harmony and beauty to the world,” said Natalia.


Bob Lemon. Natalia Valiukevich / mediadrumworld.com

“The players in the pictures are really old as they played during the early days of America’s baseball.”