FALKLANDS: The remains of the Atlantic Conveyor. Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com

By Timmy Odejimi

ON the thirty-fifth anniversary of the devastating 1982 Falklands war, poignant images offer a glimpse into the conflict’s helicopter crash sites.

FALKLANDS: Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com

Emotion-evoking pictures show the war graves where brave soldiers who gave their lives for their beloved nation were buried.


FALKLANDS: War graves. Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com
Captured by creative director Dan Bernard (49), these photographs display the remains of the Atlantic Conveyor, Chinook, and Puma helicopters, as well as the Eton range and the San Carlos memorial.

“[Visiting the crash and memorial sites is] incredibly evocative and quite moving, the sense of loss of life and its remoteness, and unfortunately futility,” Dan said.


FALKLANDS: The Eton Range in West Falkland. Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com

“The crashed helicopters were just off the main road – but you have to realise the main road is hazardous all year round as is the immediate terrain, granite rock rivers are particularly dangerous.

“It’s not a safe place to wander off as there are still many mine fields still to clear. It’s freezing cold with high winds and there’s a huge hole in the zone.”


FALKLANDS: Argentinian Puma helicopter crash site. Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com

The catastrophic conflict lasted a mere seventy-four days saw a total of 255 British soldiers killed during the warfare.

Despite the tense relations between Argentina and the UK in the past, in 2016 former Prime Minister David Cameron and Argentine President Mauricio Macri held a meeting agreeing fresh and new dialogue between both countries.


FALKLANDS: Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com

These moving photos were taken on Dan’s Nikon D610 and 50mm and 24mm prime lenses which capture the true isolation of the Falkland crash sites.

The crash sites aren’t all sombre as there are countless penguins and elephant seals living on the island.

“The Islands are littered with crash sites, memorials and memories of its violent past,” Dan said.


FALKLANDS: Argentinian crashed Chinook helicopter crash. Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com

“[The crash sites show] how isolated communities survive and adapt.


FALKLANDS: Colonel H Jones’ grave. Dan Bernard / mediadrumworld.com

“It’s quite easy to get overawed and just start pressing the shutter, when confronted by huge colonies of penguins, giant elephant seals, the Milky way and landscape that takes the breath away.”