Jason Kirkham/mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

EERIE images reveal the remains of a hidden 18th century underground pagan temple that might have been used for occult rituals and has been sealed and left to crumble away.

Jason Kirkham/mediadrumworld.com

The haunting shots show a series of underground passages, structural columns adorned with graffiti and rubble that has crumbled from the temple’s roof.

Other atmospheric shots, from this location near Hagley in Worcestershire, show a roman style altar. The stunning photographs were taken by sales advisor, Jason Kirkham (44). To take his pictures, Jason used a Canon 5D Mark 3 camera.


Jason Kirkham/mediadrumworld.com

“I got the idea when I was told about the entrance which had been sealed for years,” said Jason.

“There are a few tales connected to the underground grotto but I imagine they’ve been glossed over in the years to create a sense of romance for the listener.

“Local legend has it that it was built by the family of the hall as a hiding place for one of its members who was a murderer.


Jason Kirkham/mediadrumworld.com

“Others say it was used for secret pagan rituals or some cult, the reasons for the use of this temple still mystifies archaeologists.

“There are a few rooms to the left and right as you enter down an entrance of about fifteen-metres before you enter the main room which is a very good height of about four-meters with arches on either side.”


Jason Kirkham/mediadrumworld.com

Jason says that he likes to take pictures of things that have been hidden from people and since his visit, the temple has been resealed to preserve it for the future.

“It’s nice to take pictures of things that will captivate an audience that have been hidden from view for years, it’s impossible for people not to be interested in that,” he added.


Jason Kirkham/mediadrumworld.com
“There were unlevel floors, dust, mud and low ceilings which don’t prove to be the best of your friends so taking a good torch is always a good idea in the pitch black.

“With this kind of photography, I want to convey the message to people to always think outside the box and have a good look at what actually could be around you, rather than what is.”