By Aimee Braniff Cree


INCREDIBLE IMAGES show the moment two squirrels start battling for food – even tackling each other like rugby players.

A squirrel jumps up to catch a nut

Images show the squirrels jumping and catching nuts before tackling each other, it almost looks like they are playing a game of World Cup Rugby together.

Squirrels have four front teeth which never stop growing throughout their lives. This ensures that their teeth don’t wear down from constant gnawing on nuts and other objects.

Squirrels can run up to 20 mph and have padded feet which cushion jumps from up to 20 feet high. They can also use their fluffy tails like parachutes in order to balance themselves during high leaps.

A squirrel eyes up a nut as it falls

These images were captured by photographer Peter Van Glabbeek (53) from Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Peter captured the squirrels in Eindhoven Park, Netherlands on his Canon R6 mark II tamron 150-600 G2.

Peter loves to capture action shots and these give a unique perspective on what the squirrels get up to.

A squirrel catches a nut in its mouth

“It was a very exciting shoot for me,” said Peter.

“I noticed the squirrels just playing together, an already sweet sight.

“They seemed to be playing with nuts and as they were jumping for them trying to catch them it made for a very interesting picture.

“My favourite shot is with the nut perfectly on the squirrel‘s nail, a perfect capture, you have just one split second to get that image.”