By Mahima Kaur





ADORABLE images of three parrot chicks awaiting their dad’s return and then lovingly greeting him have been captured.

One of the images paints a pretty green picture with three tiny parrot chicks peeping out of their home in a tree.

Another image captures the parrot dad trying to feed his chicks with some fresh forage.

Many birds grip food in their feet, but only parrots can hold their food up to their beaks whilst they eat.

Three adorable parrot chicks peeping out of their home awaiting their dad. Chandigarh, India

Baby parrots are known to look for their mum and dad before they are off to fledge.

These cute images were captured by Sharanya Jain (17) in Chandigarh, India using a Nikon Z8 with 200-500mm lens.

“Initially, I was clicking photos of just two parrot chicks poking their heads out of their nest, waiting for food,” said Sharanya.

“When the father parrot arrived and began feeding the chicks, to my surprise, a third one popped out as well.

Family love for the loving parrots dad and his chicks. Chandigarh, India

“In one tender moment, after the adult bird had fed the chicks, a trail of saliva remained, connecting the parent and the baby.

“I feel extremely lucky to have been at the right place at the right time to capture the complete family.”