By Mahima Kaur




HILARIOUS images of a naughty sea lion have been captured at Los Isolates, off the coast of La Paz, Mexico.



Images taken after a 45 minute boat ride from the shore and up to 16 feet deep show the naughty sea lion having a ball with the photographer and his wife, pouncing and balancing on their heads.


One of the images shows the sea lion happily getting clicked on top of the photographer’s head.


Sea Lions are known for their intelligence, playfulness and noise barking.


These images were captured by Australian photographer Josh Blank (30) using a Nikon D500 in an Ikelite underwater housing.

The comical sea lion tries to balance on top of the photographer’s head.

“One sea lion pup in particular was extremely confident, eventually resting on our heads which made for some hilarious selfies,” said Josh.


“Another sea lion was determined to play fetch as it continuously brought me sticks and shells to throw.


“Then there was one who was incredibly energetic, zooming towards the camera with its mouth wide open, turning away at the very last second. 


“They truly are like puppies of the sea, so full of energy and playfulness.

The joyful sea lion.

“The images serve as a reminder that the sea lions are still formidable predators with large teeth and lightning quick speed.


“While they are adorable to us, they are feared by many other animals further down the food chain.


“Never in a million years did I think i would be wearing a sea lion as a hat

A selfie or a memory for a lifetime.

“The sea lions playfully chewed my wetsuit, fins and even my camera equipment.”