By Aimee Braniff Cree


IMAGES TAKEN yesterday July 23rd 2023 show an eagle owl in the UK as it strolls around the green countryside.

The eagle owl is on the ground in these shots, giving the photographers its best modelling poses.

The images were captured by Dispatch Controller James Poole (27) from Wolverhampton, England on July 16th 2023.

James captured the images at Cotswolds Falconry Centre, England on his Canon R7 with a 100-400mm RF lens.

This Mackinders Eagle Owl is just a chick but is pretty big already and is expected to grow to be almost three-feet tall and have a wingspan of five-feet.

The eagle owl still had its baby feathers COTSWOLDS FALCONRY CENTRE, ENGLAND

“During my monthly visit to the Falconry one of the staff mentioned the Eagle owl chicks,” said James.

“The eagle owl was quite nervous and didn’t come out of the crate at first.

“Once it overcame the nerves it took some baby steps on the grass which presented myself with some brilliant photo opportunities.

The eagle owl chick strolls on the grass COTSWOLDS FALCONRY CENTRE, ENGLAND

“I was only a few feet away from the little fluff ball, there were two of the babies that hatched at the falconry and they were named Simon and Amani.

“I find new hatchlings a treat to capture as we don’t often get to see the baby stages of these species.”