By Aimee Braniff Cree


ADORABLE IMAGES show lion cubs practising their best fighting skills with dad before he rewards them with affection.

Images show the adorable five-month-old cubs climbing along dad as he sleeps before practising their big bad roar in his face before they finally take him down with an ambush attack to the chest.

One cub using dad as a climbing frame trying to wake him up.

These images were captured by photographer Sharlene Cathro from South Africa.

Sharlene captured the images on her Canon EOS R, in Chobe National Park, Chobe Botswana from just 30-feet-away.

“The pride known as the Marsh Pride were all hanging out close to a waterhole on our early morning game drive,” said Sharlene.

A cub uses dad as a climbing frame as he sleeps.

“The cubs were being naughty as all little ones alway are. Daddy was trying hard to have a nap but the little ones wanted to play and his body was the jungle gym.

“Young lions are just the cutest, fearless and most inquisitive of all the animal babies, having them interact and play with daddy is rare,  which makes it even more wonderful.

“My favourite shot is when daddy wakes up with the two cubs scratching on his mane. The look on daddy’s face is priceless.

A cub swats up at dad with a tiny paw.

“I was ecstatic to capture the interaction, its not often you get the cubs playing with daddy.

“People really love these shots, I am very proud of them.”