By Shannine O’Neill


THIS WOMAN was fatshamed by her Tinder date and his friends, with her date even saying “fat girl pu**y is still pu**y” about her and leaving her publically humiliated.

Server and Nanny Katelyn Boss (22) from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States went on a Tinder date with someone who was kind to her when they were alone, but laughed along with his friends as they fatshamed Katelyn.

Katelyn met her date, Blake, on the dating app Tinder in 2017, where they organised to meet up at a bowling alley called Fat Cats in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Katelyn’s date was friendly and engaged in their date from the moment they met, until they bumped into his friends in the line for the food stand in the bowling alley.

Around eight of his friends joined them in the line and began to make sly and jabbing remarks about Katelyn’s weight.

One of these comments included how one friend “didn’t think she looked the picky type” when it came to food, after she stated that she wasn’t hungry, implying a fat-shaming dig at her weight.

Kathryn had very low self-esteem when she was heavier.

Katelyn was around 180-pounds in weight and five-foot-one-inches in height at the time, but stated that she carried a lot of her weight on her upper body, so she had heard fat-shaming comments from people before.

But this wasn’t like any other date-gone-wrong as although Blake wasn’t the one who made the fat-shaming jokes directly to Katelyn, he laughed along while his friends asked why he was with a “fat girl”, responding with “fat girl pu**y is still pu**y”.

Katelyn was in disbelief at what she had heard from her date and walked off to the toilets to regain her composure.

She was there less than two-hours with her date but knew she didn’t need to sit around and hear nine people make fat-shaming jokes and laugh at her expense, so she walked up to her date and lied that her mother needed her to come home so that she could escape the constant brigade of pointed jokes.

Katelyn felt humiliated, but a few hours later, Blake had contacted her again wanting to hang out, which she couldn’t believe after everything that had happened earlier that day.

Blake’s friends had made most of the hurtful remarks, but he had laughed along, enforcing the fat-shaming behaviour that made Katelyn feel completely humiliated and worthless.

Kathryn has gotten a lot of men fat-shame her.

“I was extremely embarrassed and mad at myself for letting myself go to be in that position,” she said.

“In a way, I blamed myself for their actions, I had zero confidence, and I thought it was what I deserved, I felt fat people shouldn’t be loved or respected.

“I stood there in the group for about ten minutes while they ignored me.

“When the guy made the first comment, I went on the phone and pretended to talk to my mom.

“I was on the phone for maybe three minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Katelyn’s only experience with fat-shaming dates, but stated that this was the worst one she had encountered as she was left to feel publicly humiliated in front of everyone around them at the bowling alley.

“I’ve had multiple fat-shaming dates but I think this has been the worst one because I knew people around us could hear them talking about me,” she said.

Kathryn says that she gets treated a lot nicer now that she has lost weight.

“I was publicly humiliated.

“I’ve lost a bunch of weight since then, and I don’t get it as much hate unless they are trolls on the internet.”