By Aimee Braniff Cree



INCREDIBLE IMAGES show a group of gannets during a fishing frenzy.


Images show the gannets diving elegantly after fish and occasionally bumping into one another beaks or sharing a fishy treat.

Gannets dive after their dinner.

These images were captured by photographer David Keep (63) from Derbyshire, England.


David captured the images in Shetland, Scotland in 10 degrees celsius water.


“Being surrounded by so many birds in the water was frenetic. It was the sound that stays with me the most, it was like bombs hitting the water all around me,” said David.

Gannets gliding through the water.

“But I was so intent on getting the shots that frankly I had little time to concentrate on anything else.


“It was exciting and tiring. I was concentrating so much that I found it quite mentally exhausting. At one point I surfaced for a few minutes to take stock just to get a break from it.


“But I knew the conditions I had that afternoon were exceptional in terms of wind and light, I had to make the most of them


“They are extremely agile. If you think about it, they avoid hitting each other and I was a much bigger target. A few brushed close to me but none hit me.


“Being caught in a feeding frenzy was stressful. I knew this was a special time, I knew this was a unique opportunity that I had to make the most of.


“The fear of screwing it up outweighed any fear of being hit. Sad, but true, that of course afterwards it stayed in my mind many weeks as I relived it, particularly the sound.


“But at the time I was so focussed that I had no time for much fear.

Masses of gannets descend.

“I don’t think they noticed my presence, they were just focussed on the easy meal. They are a boisterous bird by nature, always appearing to fight and jostle for position.


“They were not in the least bit concerned about me.


“I love scuba diving anyway, but photography really is the icing on the cake. I love sharing the images with people and I do a lot of presentations to camera clubs and nature groups.


“Showing them images and telling the stories behind them is very rewarding.


“I would be lying if I said people were not impressed.


“Photography is a fantastic hobby, particularly later in life. It has so many different aspects to it, I can be photographing sportsmen and women one day, landscapes the next and wildlife the day after.


“But underwater photography is without doubt my greatest passion.”