By Mahima Kaur



STUNNING images of a red squirrel enjoying springtime by exploring a field of beautiful bluebells have been captured.


Images show an adorable red squirrel enjoying the fresh and bright bluebells in the Isle of Wight.

The squirrel enjoys a little prance and dance on the bluebells.

Red squirrels have been officially classed as Near Threatened in England due to their rapidly depleting number because of the introduction of grey squirrels from America.


The grey squirrels monopolise food resources and are very competitive when it comes to co-existence.


Hyacinthoides non-scripta bluebells are native to the UK but they’re under threat from the non-native Spanish bluebell (Hyacinthoides hispanica) which was introduced to Britainaround the late 17th century.

The squirrel enjoys a little springtime.

Bluebells usually flower from late March to early May


These stunning images were captured by Ian Groves (55) using a Sony a7iii.

“There is something wonderful about red squirrels amongst the bluebells,” said Ian


“It is a very British springtime scene and a short period of time allows me to photograph them at their best.

The squirrel looks on keenly.

“The colours compliment each other so well – the orange and violet sit very well together.”