Staying connected is one of the concerns of people who travel abroad. Unfortunately, roaming is expensive; thus, some travelers buy local SIM cards if their smartphone is unlocked or buy a cheap unlocked phone with a local SIM, so they have a phone to use temporarily.


Alternative SIM card

Today, there is less hassle by using a new technologyÔÇöeSIM. However, many providers consider it new technology because it is only now that it is gaining wider usage and acceptance.┬á


Cell phones traditionally use SIM cards, which connect the phone to a specific mobile network provider. SIM cards work like memory cards that store user information such as the user ID, carrier, home country, names, and numbers of contact persons. SIM cards are physical cards that phone users insert into the phone. Some phone models have dual SIM trays, while others only support one SIM. 


On the other hand, the programmable eSIM card is a virtual card included in a smartphone’s motherboard. Writing the data normally included in the traditional SIM card into the eSIM card is easy. Then, you can activate it by buying and loading an eSIM plan into it.


SIM options

You need to do some research to know the best SIM options to choose from when you are overseas. You can still use your regular SIM card, but you must be prepared to pay higher international phone roaming service rates. But you can replace your smartphone with a model that already has an eSIM, so you can easily switch from your traditional SIM card to the embedded virtual SIM card. Here are some things to consider. 


  • You can consider eSIM cards, provided you understand their requirements and restrictions.┬áAfter setup and activation, eSIM works like a regular SIM.┬á
  • Not all phones are compatible with eSIM cards.┬á
  • There are eSIM cards that are supported in hundreds of countries.
  • You need to install an eSIM profile given by your provider before you can buy an eSIM data plan. After that, you can have multiple operators and subscribe to several data plans.┬á┬á
  • Some eSIMs work best in Asia, while others work better in North America.
  • If you are considering using your current smartphone, remember that you can only use eSIMS on unlocked phones.

Benefits of eSIM when staying connected

Using an eSIM card when you are overseas offers you many benefits. First, you can stay connected cheaply and conveniently. Moreover, it is easy to activate the eSIM card. Finally, since the SIM card is virtual, you can switch between SIMs.


  • You will have peace of mind because you can easily download a new eSIM program remotely whenever you travel overseas.
  • An eSIM plan is cheaper than the rates of international roaming.
  • It is more secure, and you avoid losing your physical SIM card.
  • You can choose to retain and use your phone number while overseas. You can also have several phone numbers.┬á
  • It is easier to activate your eSIM remotely; thus, you can quickly connect to the internet once you land.

You will be confident knowing you can stay connected overseas using an eSIM card. You need to check with the provider to know how it works, but afterward, getting in touch with your office, clients, family, and friends will be a breeze. Furthermore, it allows you to save money because the rates are cheaper.