By Aimee Braniff Cree


THIS SINGLE-MUM turned the tables on her husband after he left her to raise their three kids alone by earning £17K per-month by making muscle worship fetish videos.

Fitness Model Kristina Parks Fernandez (42) from Chino Hills, California got into bodybuilding in 2016 and is now a strong 13-stone, with almost three-stone of that being muscle. The muscle mum has 16-inch biceps and can bench press 170-pounds.

Kristina’s sculpted body led her to a new career path creating videos on OnlyFans. Kristina says she does not make pornographic videos but rather she works in a fetish field.

She films muscle worship videos for her 1,000 subscribers, all of her videos are based around her power, beauty and strength along with the fetishes of muscle and domination.

After building up her following, Kristina brings home £12,000-17,000 a month on OnlyFans and at 42 she insists she will not stop.

Kristina had a difficult childhood when growing up in Chino Hills and was bullied almost daily, so from the age of eight, she turned to humour to protect herself and soon created what she calls her “a suit of armour” in the gym.

However good her intentions, Kristina had a very unhealthy relationship with food and weighed just over nine stone, she frequently forgot to eat, maybe having one hot pocket, or a sandwich a day and she would binge eat and drink, consuming 3,000 calories some days.

At the age of 35, she decided she no longer wanted to be insecure about her body, she set a routine getting up at 4am every day to do fasted cardio, where she does her cardio workout on an empty stomach.

Now she eats six-meals a day consuming around 2,000 calories and her diet consists of oatmeal, eggs, protein powder, almond butter, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, chicken, turkey, sweet potatoes, shrimp and rice.

“I make mostly muscle fetish videos.  All within my boundaries. I do not do porn videos of sexual acts like most people assume OnlyFans is.

“Mine is all based around my power, beauty and strength along with the fetishes of muscle and domination.

“My friends and family are very supportive and know I stick to my boundaries.

“I could probably be very wealthy if I went the porn route but choose to make a good living and be happy with myself and my choices.

Tina shows off her stunning physique.

“I’ve got between 600-1000 subscribers which doesn’t seem like tons but it’s enough to make a good living.

“I make around £12-17k a month.

“You do get the occasional weird request for more money like I got one to hug a teddy bear. A specific size teddy bear and twirl it around, put it down and hug it again.

“I didn’t do it, the request was a bit strange for me and out of my comfort zone.

“I  will always refuse things like breaking stuff or smashing fruit and showing below the waist nudity.

“I’d say I live a comfortable lifestyle, I don’t stress about money. My kids want a lot but I don’t spoil them, but they get to go on fun trips and I make sure they get everything they need and all the activities and sports they want to play are covered.

“My 17 year old has a car I pay for her, and they are all happy and get to live in a wonderful neighbourhood with brilliant schools.

“And I don’t depend on a man which I love.

“I do love my job because it gives me so much freedom to be a full time mum. I’d say it is perfect.

Kristina explained how her bodybuilding Onlyfans journey started.

“I was actually bullied my whole childhood, not just a little, it was extreme. I was tortured honestly daily and I hid it with humour and was somewhat anti-social to avoid people,” said Kristina.

“People closest to me only knew funny Tina, and didn’t realise what distress I was hiding from in school.

“I truly think seeking approval and perfection took me on the road to build my body.

“I was always insecure about my body and when I was 35, I said I don’t want to be insecure about it anymore.  I want to be proud.  So my 2016 New Year’s resolution was to get into shape.

“Once I started my journey to get into shape I was addicted to seeing results and feeling the best I ever had. All my insecurities were slowly diminishing.

“I eat six-times a day a strict clean diet along with training with heavy weights ‘

Tina was skinny before now she is strong.

“Normally I wake up at 4am and do 90-mins of cardio fasted then head to gym for weight lifting session.

“I’m extremely happy and beyond confident. I have zero ego because I know where I started from.  I’m just confident now which people misinterpret for ego, It’s simply not true.

“Over the years I have changed my diet and training to match my goals, so it all depends on the moment but I’m always strict and disciplined. I never miss a workout.

“The hardest thing to learn is you can’t be perfect and stage ready everyday.  Once you step off stage is where real work, mental and physical begins.”

Kristina still receives hate for her physique despite being sculpted like Wonderwoman, it is the compliments however that she has turned into a living.

“I get told daily by trolls I’m ugly, manly, accused of using heavy steroids. People literally call me a disgusting freak, but it doesn’t phase me like it used to,” she said.

“It shows me there is no such thing as perfect and you can never please everyone.

“I’m okay with that and feel sorry for those people that are so unhappy with themselves they need to try to hurt others to feel better about their sh*tty lives.

“Overall, people are impressed and ask me so many questions on how to do it.

Tina shows off her muscles.

“I appreciate every single ounce of compliments and love helping push others to reach their goals.

“If you are thinking of starting a bodybuilding journey, I would just say make a goal, a small goal to start, then another, then another and go in aware there is no such thing as perfect.

“Also, do it for you and nobody else.”

It was not all positivity that led Kristina to her OnlyFans career, it came from a breakdown in her marriage.

“I found out bad things about my husband. This led me to cam work to support my kids as he disappeared,” she said.

“That pushed me to dive deeper in bodybuilding which led me to the life of muscle fetishes, which took me to OnlyFans.”

Typical Diet: Daily diet consists of chicken, steak, white fish, rice, oats, almond butter, eggs and egg whites, a pound of green vegetables and Greek yoghurt.

Meal One: Five-ounces of chicken with five-ounces of white rice

Meal Two: Two whole eggs, one cup of egg whites, Greek yoghurt and shrimp

Meal Three:  35-grams protein powder and a tablespoon Greek yoghourt

Meal four: Five-ounces of asparagus with five-ounces of chicken

Meal Five – Five-ounces of steak with five-ounces asparagus.