By Mahima Kaur





THIS THROUPPLE insists that their winning a £1.1 million jackpot is a KARMIC GIFT because they opened to the world about their quirky three-way relationship.


When Katy and Claire used a $100 gift to gamble, little did they know that they would end up with a £1.1 million jackpot that they split with the man who gave them the $100 bill to gamble.


The three of them insist that their jackpot is a karmic gift for opening up to the world for believing absolutely in their relationship, despite the haters.


Katy, Justin and Claire’s thrupple relationship goes back decades.


Zillow worker Katy Rupple (41) and comedian/actor Justin Rupple (39) from Washington fell in love when they met outside Justin’s comedy show in Seattle.


They got together and lived in a happy relationship for ten years when Katy confessed to Justin that she was a bisexual.

Life in a thrupple is not a conventional one and they knew it. So they took it upon themselves to make their families understand.

Katy also told Justin about her attraction towards Justin’s friend from college, Claire Thornhill, whose photos she had seen on social media.


Justin and Claire were good friends from college, when they had met in 2003.


After reaching out to Claire, Katy and Justin took some time to confess Katy’s attraction to her.


However, once they did, they decided to form a thrupple and have been together since.


Their meeting sparked an interest in all three to live and have a life together in Los Angeles, California.


“It started with just Katy and Justin in a romantic relationship in 2005,” said Claire.


“That quickly changed with all of us meeting in Los Angeles in 2019.


“We knew right away. We had to be three.

Their future plans involve no kids at the moment but more love and laughter.

“Honestly, it feels like this was meant to be.


“We have now been living together for three years now.


“We like to think of the jackpot money as a little bit of a karmic gift for opening up to the world, and believing in ourselves and our relationship.”


Life in a thrupple is not a conventional one and they knew it. So they took it upon themselves to make their families understand.


“After we discussed with each other how much we wanted to spend our lives with each other we knew we had to tell our families immediately,” they said.


“We had acceptance from all of our families.


“In only a few situations it took a little bit of understanding and education, but all of us are still learning as this is new territory for everyone.

Katy and Claire, the happy women.

“Whether they are close or extended friends, once they see us together, they seem to understand our choice.


“We just work better and thrive as a thrupple.”


In spite of their unconventional choice of relationship, Claire, Katy and Justin haven’t faced much criticism online or in real life.


“There have been a few people who didn’t necessarily want to be part of accepting our relationship but we aren’t expecting everybody to do so,” they said.


“We don’t really have time to concern ourselves with those who don’t like us because that’s their business.


“We believe we should be free to love who we want as long as they are consenting adults who aren’t hurting anyone.


“We don’t receive much hate face-to-face, and don’t think we will in the future either.”


The dynamics of the thrupple is like any other relationship with a lot of love, a little jealousy and a great understanding.


“We truly all get along very well. It’s like a triangle where each one of us has a strength, and we lean towards that strength,” they said.


“Katy is the coordinator, Claire the scheduler and Justin is the facilitator.


“We always joke that it feels like we’re at summer camp except there are no kids and we aren’t parents.


“Jealousy is an emotion that every human goes through from time to time and if we’re honest we experience it too.


“We are lucky that when we have an emotion like that, we have two people to share it with and then everything is back on track.”


Expanding their relationship group isn’t exactly out of the cards for the three of them.


“Nothing is for sure when it comes to possibilities of crushes and love,” said Claire.


“There is no plan to do so currently, but everything flexes and changes.


“We know of many people who have a large poly-cule (a group of poly people).


“If it comes up at some point, we will discuss as a family like we do with every other topic.”


Thriving and enjoying a thrupple relationship, their future plans involve no kids at the moment but more love and laughter.


“We love kids but it doesn’t seem to be in our destiny to have them,” they said.


“We know several people inside our community who make wonderful families.


“It doesn’t look like we will be one of those families that have children.


“We are just happy and lucky to be in this relationship where we act as a team and we have a support system made up of love for each other.


“We consider ourselves to be very lucky and don’t take for granted how rare it is to find people like we did to spend our lives with.”