By Mahima Kaur



THIS ANGRY buzzard indulged in a deathstare with the photographer who disturbed its lunch on February 12th.


One of the images shows the buzzard looking angrily at the photographer’s lens while it tried to eat it’s pheasant meal.


These images were captured in Attleborough, Norfolk, England.


British photographer Phil Orris (34) from Ipswich, Suffolk clicked these images using a Nikon D500 using a 200-500mm lens.


”I set myself up in a pop-up hide early in the morning,” said Phil.

The buzzard gives a death stare to the photographer.

“After sitting, watching and waiting for a few hours, I could hear the buzzards calling overhead, and after a few more minutes I spotted one land in the forest behind.


“These images are also relevant to show that the tiny creatures play a big role in our ecosystem.


“The buzzard ate a pheasant when I started clicking it.


“This lasted for about ten-minutes before the call of another buzzard caused it to fly away.

The buzzard angrily stares at the photographer.

“I was absolutely stunning to see one these birds up close, and appreciate quite how prehistoric they are.


“You can certainly see where they get the name raptors from.”