By Mahima Kaur


THIS man has been crowned as the TESTICLE KING after he documented himself eating RAW TESTICLES of animals and has been likened to the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer for his meat eating lifestyle. 


Pauly Long (31) is a full time content creator who blew up on the internet when his video of eating a raw goat testicle went viral on April 18, 2022.


Pauly, whose diet mostly comprises RAW MEAT and RAW DAIRY says that his diet has changed his body and life.


Originally from Philadelphia, Pauly lives in Bali,Indonesia with his fiance, who took her time to come to terms with Pauly’s diet but doesn’t mind it anymore.

Pauly recently proposed to his girlfriend Vania, with whom he shares an eight month old son, King.

Pauly poses with a big steak.

An average day in Pauly’s diet comprises of six to eight eggs, four to six pieces of bacon, a big steak and some kind of organ meat – mostly a liver, heart or testicle, a whole roasted chicken or 500 grams of salmon sashimi, 650 ml raw goat milk and some extra dairy if he likes.


His diet and lifestyle has garnered attention on social media that comes with some hate, the worst being when he was compared to the now viral serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer.


“People always call me Dahmer, in reference to Jeffery Dahmer and the Netflix show that came out about him last year, since I eat animal organs,” said Pauly.


“They say I’m going to die, or simply just ask why and how I have not died yet.


“They say racist things about my wife like “she must be a mail-order bride trying to get his money because there’s no way she would stay with him after he’s always eating that stuff”. 


The list goes on and on and on and honestly I don’t care at this point, it just tells me I’m on the right track and growing everyday.


“If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing enough. And if you do have haters, you’re doing something right.


“With the fame comes the hate, and I understand that’s unfortunately how our sick world works and that it comes with the territory.”


Pauly has also been appreciated by his followers with some even saying that he has inspired them.

Pauly munching on a bar of butter.

The best comments are people who support me and tell me how much they love watching me,” he said.


“They tell me how much I positively impact them on a daily basis by posting my content which encourages people to be healthy and eat well and try new things.


“I’ve influenced tons of people to get healthy and try this diet.


“I’ve had tons of them reach out to me personally and thank me for it, as well as in my comments.”


Pauly hasn’t looked back since April, 2022 when he started his carnivore journey.


“I posted a video of me eating a raw goat testicle in April, 2022 and that day changed my whole life,” he said.


“People often refer to me as The Testicle King since I got pretty popular for eating raw testicles of bull, goat, lamb.


“I first saw Liver King eating like this in 2021, and then saw a couple other guys doing the same shortly after.


“It caught my interest because of all the talk about it helping with your gut and many other health issues.


“For me, fixing my damaged gut has been something I’ve been trying to accomplish for the past few years since my mid 20s.


“So I gave it a shot, and eventually it started really working for me.”

Pauly munching on RAW COW LUNGS.

Sticking to a majorly carnivore diet has been life changing for Pauly’s physical health too.


“I have better energy, better digestion, more strength and muscle, higher testosterone and better mood stabilisation than ever,” he said.


“I also have better skin, increased libido, healthier gut and all around a super healthy body.


“I mostly stick to a carnivore diet that has a mixture of cooked and raw meats, fish, organs, eggs, raw dairy like milk, kefir, butter and cheese.


“I occasionally add in some small stuff like fruit and nuts, with a few cheat meals a month like cheeseburgers or sushi.”


Maintaining the cost of eating a high-meat diet for the America-born Pauly has not been as hard as it may seem even though he sticks to having high-quality meats.


“It is hard to say how much it cost me as I really don’t keep track but I get my meat, organs, and fish all from quality distributors back in Bali in bulk orders,” he said.


“My steaks cost an average of around £20-25 per kg which is about 3-4 steaks being 8-12oz each.


“I get a very good price compared to America.


“I get a 1kg fillet of wild caught sashimi grade salmon for about the same price as well.


“I get everything at a very reasonable price and much lower than what you would typically find for that quality back in the US.”


Pauly’s shift towards a carnivore diet has also made some changes to his relationship with people around him


“My fiancé is my #1 supporter and has been there for me since the start,” he said.


“She eats eggs with me and sometimes will have a little steak here and there (cooked, never raw) but mostly enjoys her culture’s food since she’s Indonesian.


“At first she was a little grossed out but now it doesn’t phase her.


“Considering I only see my parents and some other family once every year or two, it hasn’t really affected anyone but us.


“For the most part though, everyone thinks what I do is disgusting when I’m eating all the organs like testicles, brain, heart, etc but I couldn’t care less.


“I do also have a ton of fans and supporters who love watching. It’s a fun balance of both.”


Pauly insists that his diet is in fact a very healthy one and says that he is on a journey to make people understand the same.


“It’s not about just eating crazy foods and trying to get shock value. It’s so much more than that,” he said.


“I’m building my platforms to spread a bigger message.


“I want to help people and I want to change the world for the better.


“People are already dead before they die and they’re zombies just going through the motions every day. 


“I strive to help as many people as I can get out of that and get healthy.


“I started my own brand called FEVRI and its slogan is “Impulsive Towards Impossible”.


“So I will continue doing what most people think is supposed to kill me, and I will keep getting healthier and show the world what we are truly capable of as human beings.”

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