By Freya Coombes

PLAYFUL IMAGES show monkeys jumping high as they enter an acrobatic game of tag.

One image shows a particularly playful monkey pulling the tail of its friend, clinging on as the other monkey attempts to run away.

Grey langur monkeys, also known as Hanuman langurs, weigh around 40 pounds and measure 31 inches in length, with the addition of a 40-inch tail.

A langur monkey pulls it’s siblings tail.

These images were captured by photographer and business development manager Talvinder Chohan (40) at Tadoba Tiger Reserve in India, using a Canon EOS R5 camera.

“Any wildlife or zoo animal photography is all about patience as you are on the animal’s terms. I had to simply wait and try to predict where they may move,” said Talvinder.

“I’m able to predict certain behaviours just through simple observation and experience.

Leaping in for a fight.

“We stayed stationary in our jeep and allowed the langurs to get comfortable with us. This then resulted in the play and interactions that I managed to capture.

“It’s always heart-warming when you can get close to the wildlife, knowing they trust you enough to exhibit natural behaviours.

“They can be territorial, with disputes arising with other groups, but are generally very intelligent and playful.”