By Freya Coombes

THESE STUNNING images show Coda the lion shaking out his perfect mane.

One image shows Coda the lion shaking his mane, dust and mud flying as he tidies himself up for the ladies.

As they grow older, male lions grow impressive manes, up to 16 centimetres long. They act as a sign of dominance, as well as protecting their neck and head from injury during fights and darken in colour with their age.

Staring down the camera.

These images were captured by professional photographer Simon Needham (56) at the GG Conservation in South Africa using a Canon R5 camera.

“It was a dry and dusty day as Coda the lion stood up and shook his mane at a sanctuary in South Africa called GG Conservation,” said Simon.

“It’s always great to capture moments like these as it’s often when you get an unusual set of images.

Preparing for the ladies.

“I love being close to the lions, however, I’m always cautious not to get into the danger zone.

“All my wildlife photography is done free of charge in support of worthy and hard-working organizations.”

To view more of Simons conversation work visit his Instagram @human.kind.photography or his website www.simonneedham.com