By Mahima Kaur


THIS 47 YEAR OLD STUDENT transformed her three bedroom rented home into a maximalist haven by spending just £510 and credits her dyslexia and dyspraxia for helping her to achieve her maximalist dreams.


Interior Design Student Marie Springthorpe (47) from Leicester, England, has set an example by transforming her abode which she pays £500 per month into a colourful visually appealing maximalist haven by spending just £500.


Marie has transformed her home into her beautiful abode by painting, upcycling and decorating her hallway, living room, kitchen and bedroom.


Mum-of-two sons, aged 21 and 25,  and owner of dog Ziggy (4), Marie has lived in her East Midlands three-bedroom home for more than sixteen years.


Marie started her renovation in 2021 using her time in lockdown to transform her home into something that she would relate to.


A self-confessed fan of upcycling and reusing things, Marie did not have a huge budget to begin with so she resorted to finding new and thrifty ways to achieve her DIY goals.

Marie poses in front of her transformed fireplace.

She credits her creative and up-cycling skills to her father and grandfather, whom she saw and emulated while growing up.


“I loved watching my dad and grandfather doing DIY while I was growing up,” she said.


“I am a very visual person and also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. So I put it down to that.


“I have always been creative and loved colour and love using my creativity as mindfulness and time to switch off.


“When we all were stuck in our homes during lockdown and were making rainbows for the NHS, I got inspired to use bold colours instead of the safe ones I had been using until then for my home decor.


“That is when I started using the colours I have done my home with and I have never been happier.”


Marie found out about her dyslexia and dyspraxia six years ago. A bright student of art and design, she has always been a visual learner.


“I always thought something was not right but didn’t know what it was. I just put down that I wasn’t very clever,” she said.


“But I shone in art and design at school and loved drawing and history.


“I have always been a visual learner and if I want to design a space I can visualise to see what the space would look like.


“Now I know it’s one of the traits of having dyslexia and dyspraxia and these are just the way our brains function.


“We are very creative people too.”


Marie used her time on the weekends and during evenings to complete her DIY dreams and started with the hallway of her home where she spent just £60.


“My first project was my hallway where I used some black and white flooring and wallpaper that I bought on discount,” she said.

Marie’s fireplace is transformed and looks Christmas ready.

“I used a block colour on the walls and then added bold bright accessories.


“I also painted and up cycled the shoe cupboard giving it a bright and nice look.


“I then took over the living room where I painted an old fireplace that had cost me just £5 years ago, a bright yellow.


“I was still not satisfied so I looked and found some Toucan wallpaper that added an element to my living room.


“I used gold leaf sheets for the back of the fireplace and picked up an original art deco cupboard from a local charity shop which I then cycled up with a taster pot and gold paint.


“For the final touch, I made my own window shutters and put up a picture rail”


Transforming the hallway and living room cost Marie just £210 so she decided to spend another £200 on her kitchen.


“My kitchen doors were quite dated with a beech wrap on them and I wanted a shaker style door,” she said.


“A few years ago I had put wood around them and painted them grey but found them extremely dull and boring.


“I took inspiration from my tropical garden and brought some bright colour tester pots of paint and some discounted tiles and started my ultimate kitchen transformation.


“My first tiling wasn’t as easy as it looked but I carried on and also vinyl wrapped the cooker hood pink.


“I also upcycled my kitchen cupboard doors and put in new handles.


“I then went on to transform my bedroom into a place where I woke up happy and smiling.


“So I used the leftover paint, got some bargain wallpaper and upcycled the headboard to recharge the room into my take of Miami Art Deco and Palm Springs Era.”


Marie has thoroughly enjoyed working on her abode and making it into a place where she finds her peace but her maximalist approach has received mixed reviews from her family.


“My family and friends love the house, especially the bar. They love the colour of the bar and say how uplifting it is,” she said.


“But my sister, who is a minimalist and a total opposite of me, says I need to wear sunglasses.


“A person once remarked that my home should be in a top magazine.


“People online love my style and aesthetic as well and always say so.


“My landlord is in fact very pleased with the updated decor and allows me to do as I please as long as I don’t knock down the walls.


“I love my home and I don’t renting is a bad thing if you are happy in your home.”


Her maximalist approach to her house is what makes Marie’s house stand apart. She loves it and advises people to follow their hearts to make the home of their dreams themselves.


“I am definitely no Mrs Hinch or a minimalist; in fact they make my head hurt,” she said.


“I have always worn bright colours and have a distinct personality.

Marie’s fireplace post transformation.

“I would say my style is very much maximalist and I love to get quirky things, especially from charity shops and car boots.


“Some people look gobsmacked when they see my house but they love it at the same time.


“I would advise people to have a go at making over your home yourself.


“Its not only much cheaper but gives you immense sense of pride.


“You save and learn a lot by shopping at charity shops, car boots, online auctions and selling pages.


“It is definitely good for the planet and at the same time a great chance to have a home that reflects your personality.”


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Hallway: £60


Living Room: £150


Kitchen: £200


Bedroom: £100


Total: £510