By Aimee Braniff Cree


A COLLECTION of 2022s most side-splitting animal images have been released as selected by Media Drum World press agency.

2022 had no shortage of chuckle-worthy snaps of the wild and the weird and one photo shows an angry baby orangutan at Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta Indonesia.

Another humourous snap shows a seal saluting the photographer as they catch his best side.

Among the other funny animals caught on camera this year were a grinning cheetah, a laughing chip and a baby orangutan licking its mum’s nose.

This baby orangutan is stern faced.

The pictures were captured by photographers across the world, from Indonesia to Vienna.

“These shots of the laughing animals are not easy to take. Sometimes you are lucky and it goes relatively quickly. But usually you have to have a lot of patience and always be concentrated,” said Daniel Zupanc who captured a baby orangutan giggling

“They usually only last a fraction of a second. I prefer to be concentrated and not let the animal out of my sight for a second.”

“I had one young seal, in particular, come up to just outside hand reach one meter from me. He was very playful,” said Reno van Dijk, the photographer who captured the saluting seal.

This lioness was spotted smiling to herself during mating season.

“He kept flopping around and spinning in the sand scratching himself and making all kinds of funny faces while at it, they also sneeze.”

These animals have brought a bit of cheer to a difficult year and they remind us to keep smiling.

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