When you’re gift giving, your choice of item shows how much the recipient of the means to you. Different gifts serve different purposes, so it’s important to make your pick from gift ideas that are seasonal, whether they’re designed to be consumed or to be used for problem solving. You also get to decide if you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, like practical and stylish photo albums, books, music or movie DVDs.

If you’re planning to give birthday, special occasion or for no reason gifts during the summer months of 2023, it’s a lovely idea to select presents that tick all the boxes, in terms of style, design, durability and price, but which also perfectly complement seasonal experiences. Thoughtful gifts that effortlessly enhance an experience help to create happy memories that can be cherished forever.

To help you decide what to buy for your partner, children, sibling or best friend, here are our 4 top picks of sensational summer gift ideas…

  1. The Coolest Shades        

Buying a gift for someone who is style conscious doesn’t have to be a challenge, if you focus your attention on the most essential accessory for hot, sunny days. Someone who already has everything always has room for a new pair of the coolest shades.

Sunglasses are an excellent option, if you’re not sure what to get someone who adores fashion, the great outdoors, or both. As many people have more than one pair of stylish sunnies for different occasions, you can’t go wrong by gifting them sunglasses that are bang on-trend.

When choosing a style, it’s helpful to know the shape of the recipient’s face, so that you can easily choose sunglasses that suit them best. Timeless, classic and trendy aviator style sunglasses perfectly suit people with square or heart-shaped faces, while rectangular framed sunglasses, like iconic Ray-ban wayfarers help to balance the features of an oval face.

Once you’ve determined the ideal sunglasses for the face shape, you can tailor your pick to match the recipient’s personality and fashion sense. To help you finalise your gift choice, just picture the lucky recipient of your cool gift posing for a summer selfie, to show off in their holiday themed photo albums.

  1. The Premium Skincare Set

During hot summer days, it’s ultra important to ensure that your skin is well hydrated, moisturised and protected with an efficient and advanced sunscreen formula. A premium skincare set that contains a good selection of products to cleanse, refresh and moisturise facial skin is a great gift to give anyone at any time of the year.

When the seasons change, it can take a while for skin to catch up and adapt accordingly. A premium skincare set is a must-have piece of kit, if you want healthy and clear looking skin. As the items are luxury, it also enhances the pleasure of pampering self-care.

Many brands offer a skincare regime starter kit that includes all of the essentials. If you’re not sure if the person you’re buying for has a skincare routine or brand preference, it’s not hard to find out. You can simply talk about topics related to beauty and self-grooming, or take a sneaky peek in their bathroom when you’re visiting their home. You’ll also need to check if their skin type is dry, oily, normal or combination.

You can choose a skincare bundle that contains full size products, or opt for a convenient travel size selection. Ideally the set should include a hydrating cleanser, a pore cleansing masque, a serum and a deep hydration moisturiser. With glowing skin, the recipient of your gift will look fabulous in their favourite snaps that they choose to display in seasonal photo albums.

  1. The Hottest Water Bottle

In sunny climates, it’s crucial to maintain a high level of hydration. Drinking water is the best way to regulate your body’s temperature, and to optimise energy, physical performance and brain function.

If you’re looking for a stylish but practical gift for someone who loves to spend time outdoors, the world’s first portable digital water purification system is the ultimate present. Having the hottest water bottle will no doubt encourage your partner, kids, or best friend to regularly sip and hydrate, whether they’re enjoying outdoor activities like sports, camping, trail running or hiking, or having summer holiday adventures that are urban.

The coolest water bottle on the block is LARQ’s battery-powered, sustainable choice vessel that comes in funky designs. The filter-less, self-cleaning purifying water bottle features PureVis™ UV-C LED technology that eradicates germs by destroying their DNA. As it’s double-wall insulated, it keeps liquids chilled for up to 24 hours, or hot for 12.

  1. The Luxury Personalised Photo Album

If you’re not sure whether the person you’re shopping for will love and appreciate a present that is fashionable, pampering or high-tech, there is an excellent gift that never stops giving…

Beautiful and luxurious photo albums are far more than a coffee table look book that you store and display your favourite snaps in. A personalised photo album offers endless opportunities to preserve happy memories of lazy summer days and fun-packed activities enjoyed in the company of family and friends. If you opt for a modern design that can be personalised with a stylish template, one-of-a-kind bespoke cover, and space to add text, comments and captions, you gift someone a precious keepsake item that can become a family legacy and heirloom.