By Freya Coombes

Looking elegant.

THIS WOMAN has hair six inches longer that her entire body after her family banned her from cutting it.

Online seller Karolina Czajkowska (30) from Inowroclaw, Poland is a walking Rapunzel, allowing her hair to grow six feet long after her family banned her from cutting it ELEVEN years ago.

Karonline hasn’t always had long hair but allowed it to grow progressively due to the wishes of her family. As a child, her hair reached her shoulders. By the time she was in high school Karolina’s hair measured down below her bottom.

After cutting 30 centimetres off her hair at the age of 19, Karolina and her family were not happy. Her mother and grandmother asked her never to cut her hair again. From then on, she has only trimmed her hair to keep it in a good condition. Karolina last went to the hairdresser11 years ago. Since then, her mother, sister and partner help trim the ends of her hair.

Karolina’s hair measures five feet and nine inches, half a foot longer than Karoline herself who measures five foot five inches. She attributes her fast hair grows to genes.

Having hair longer than herself causes some problems. Karolina has stepped on her hair many times, often leading to her being hurt by accident when people step on it.

The worst incident came when Karolina ran a chair on wheels over her hair, pulling out large chunks of hair.

To prevent injury and keep her hair from tangling Karolina wears her hair in a bun. She always sleeps with her hair in a braid and uses hair masks and oils when washing her hair to keep it healthy.


Karolina is praised for her long hair. 

She has received a few comments online calling her hair ugly and impractical. Karolina knows that everyone’s tastes are different and not everyone will appreciate her look, however she is unphased by these comments. These comments come from strangers, however the support from her followers is unwavering. Mostly Karolina receives compliments, many people commenting on the beauty of her hair, her 2.5k Instagram mentioning how unique her hair is.

“I haven’t always had long hair,” said Karolina.

“As a child, I wore my hair to my shoulders.

“As a teenager I had waist-length hair and from then on I let my hair grow. Until high school, where my hair was longer than my butt. This is when I cut it.

“Then I shortened my hair by about 30 cm. This was 11 years ago. Me and my family were not satisfied.

“The women in my family always had long hair and my mother and grandmother wanted me to never cut my hair again, so from then on I only trimmed the ends of my hair.

“Fortunately, my hair grew quickly and reached the floor.

“I kept my hair to the floor for several years. Now for a few months I let them grow a little more.

“Measured from the top of the head, it is close to 180 cm.

“I am 167 cm tall.

“I went to the hairdresser about 11 years ago. The ends of my hair are cut by my mother, sister or my partner. Last week, my sister cut my ends of my hair.

“I think it’s mostly genes.”

Karolina talks about the disadvantages to having long hair.

“I’ve stepped on my hair many times,” she said.

“Sometimes my friends sat on my hair by accident.

“It hurt the most and pulled the most hair out when I ran a chair on wheels over my hair at work.

“Now I often wear my hair in a bun, also don’t tangle as much when in a bun.”

Karolina talks about the comments she receives about her hair.

“I’ve heard people say it’s boring, ugly, and impractical,” said Karolina.

“I think that people’s tastes are different and not everyone has to like the same thing, so I don’t care about these comments.

“I like my hair and I feel good with long hair.”

Karolina comments on her hair care routine and advice for people who want long hair.

“My hair is unique, has a rare length, is beautiful, silky and healthy,” she said.

“I always wear a braid to sleep.

“As for washing my hair, it depends on how much time I have. Sometimes it’s a mask, washing, and finally a conditioner. Sometimes just a wash and conditioner.

“Sometimes I will add oil to the mask before washing.

“If possible, I let them dry on their own. If I need to dry, I use cold or medium temperature air.

“Comb your hair gently, do not tug or pull it.

“If there is a possibility of stepping on, hooking or pulling out in any other way, it is better to put your hair in a bun.”



Her hair is six inches longer than her.