The Frankfurt walking tour is among the best because it provides a personal and flexible way for people to explore the city. The Frankfurt walking tour offers the best sightseeing experience. It is the perfect way to see the main points of interest in any city. It is not only a safe experience, but it’s also fun!


Here are some Fun Facts About Frankfurt Walking Tour

There are so many amazing fun facts about the Frankfurt walking tour.  Some of these include: 

Exposure while strolling


Walking is one of the best ways to explore a tour. By doing this, you get to see Frankfurt city very well. There are many things to be revealed and uncovered at the Frankfurt walking tour.


You can explore the different views of this beautiful city with fun, friendly, authentic local guides. Many places to explore on the Frankfurt walking tour include:


  • the Römerberg Plaza;
  • the center of the re-built Medieval Old Town (Altstadt);
  • the Emperor’s Cathedral (Kaiserdom);
  • the St. Paul’s Church;
  • the Old Opera House and a lot more.

Your visit to Frankfurt is not complete without a visit to these places. 

It’s a fun way to burn some calories

Did you know that by doing 90 minutes of walking, you can burn an average of 300 calories? That’s how many calories you could burn on an entire circuit of the Frankfurt walking tour.


Walking is a great way to exercise, even if you’re on tour. Think about all those buttery croissants, creamy cheeses, and glasses of wine you’ll probably be eating and drinking while on the Frankfurt walking tour. What better way to burn off those excess calories than with a bit of wandering?

Make New Friends

What better way to meet like-minded people than to join a walking tour? Making new friends is part of the fun. With this tour, you can make new friends(other people who came touring). Ask any walking tour guides, and they’ll tell you their favorite thing about being a tour guide is meeting new friends. 


So many groups have met on a walking tour and will then party together, have a beach day, or explore together afterward. It’s such a nice bonding experience, and Frankfort  tours end with travelers from completely different backgrounds exchanging information to keep in touch.

Delicious Delicacies

There are so many delicious delicacies at the Frankfurt walking tour, something to whet your appetite as you continue your walk tour. You can feast your eyes on so many eye appealing delicacies as you walk. After or during a long walk, eating a delicious meal is essential to top the fun.

River View

River view is a setting of fun in so many forms from fishing to water sports and a lot more. Discover the beautiful sides of the city during a boat cruise along the Main river. We show you the beautiful skyline of Frankfurt in a river view.


Capture a river view on the Eisener Steg bridge and experience the fun.


Discovery is one of the things that makes touring fun. It helps you to expand your horizon and open your eyes and mind to things you never thought existed. There are alot of things to discover at the Frankfurt walking tour. 

Some of the things to discover at Frankfurt walking tour are:


  • hidden gems & stories;
  • uncovering the alternative sides of Frankfurt and getting helpful, honest hints & tips from the excellent local guides;
  • discover classical & modern art-works amongst the 13 museums. Museum embankment and many more.

Do not leave Frankfurt without discovering new things. 


Some fun places to visit include the Goethe-Haus museum, capturing a river view on the Eisener Steg bridge, indulging in the various shopping hot spots, visiting some vibrant restaurants & cafés, seeing some of the many public parks, and embracing the exciting, atmospheric nightlife.


What is a tour experience without activities to spice it up. Interestingly, there are so many activities to make touring so enjoyable. There are so many public parks on the Frankfurt walking tour. You can stroll through many public parks and embrace the exciting, atmospheric nightlife. 


Whether it be pub crawls at night, day trips to nearby attractions, or even a local cooking class, you can let your plans run wild and decide on activities you may previously not have known about that will immerse you in a culture more than you could imagine. 


Explore and learn the historical and cultural wonders of the city of Frankfurt by taking a walking tour with Frankfurt On Foot.