By Freya Coombes

THIS trick-of-the-eye photo shows a cunning tiger staring at the lens through the reflection of a watering hole so as not to arouse the photographers suspicions.

One photo shows the menacing look of the tiger, staring at the photographer’s reflection in the water rather than directly making eye contact, as it is perfectly reflected against the water below.

The tiger walks alongside the river, ready for a cool bath.

Other images by local photographer Rajat Narain Singh show the tiger wading on the water and wallowing at the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India.

“The tiger is a highly elusive animal. Because of its stripes and colour, it is difficult for even a trained eye to spot it in its natural surroundings,” said Rajat.

“As it is a natural predator, its strength is phenomenal. I have seen a tiger drag a full-grown buffalo for 50 meters, flattening a sugarcane field. It took nine men to drag that carcass out of the field.”

A nice relaxing bath for the tiger in the hot weather.

The Bengal tiger is the biggest wild cat in the world, growing to 123 inches long and weighing around 500 pounds.

“When it was in the water, I thought that a log was jutting out,” said Rajat.

“As we neared, ripples of water moved near what I thought was a log.

“Soon it dawned that it was the head of a tiger, and the rest of its body was submerged.”