When you are heading off on a skiing holiday, there is a lot to think of to make sure that it all goes nice and smoothly. What are the current Covid-19 restrictions? Do I take my own skiing kit? Is the weather going to be good for skiing? These are just a few of the questions that may enter your head and none of these are stupid questions, and all need an element of thought and preparation. We will take these three points and try to furnish you with information sources and points that will help answer them.

What are the current Covid-19 restrictions?

Do not make an automatic assumption that because things are relaxed within the UK, which means that things are the same in all other countries. This is certainly not the case and there are still countries with restrictions such as masks and social distancing. One of the most important things to find out is do you needed tested (and evidence of such) when travelling and do you need to have had (and evidence of) vaccination status. Most countries have relaxed this from where we were many months ago however not everything is cleared. The best place to check out the rules will be the UK government website for travel. Here you will see the access rules but also any additional advice the UK government is giving you about the country you are visiting. Airlines may also operate their own rules on top of this where some airlines are still demanding that you wear facemasks on the flight (apart from when you are eating or drinking). If you arrive in a country with a mandate to be vaccinated and you can not prove you are, you will be immediately sent back to the UK with access refused.

Do I take my own skiing kit?

If you are a regular skier with all your own equipment, then you will be likely to want to take your own skies with you when on holiday. This is not something though that you should take lightly as a decision as you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.Ā  If you want to take your own personal skiing equipment, then you will have to carry this with you on the plane / train. Also with the plane, there will be some hefty charges aligned to this due to the weight and size of it. It will most likely require to be placed in the hold which would cost extra money. On the other hand, if you are looking to hire equipment for skiing whilst at the resort, this can be costly. The resorts know people have this sort of dilemma therefore the charges could be high. One option could be to hire equipment from a nearby store close to the resort which could end up saving you some money.

Is the weather going to be good for skiing?

Making sure the weather is good skiing conditions is important to the success of the trip.Ā  Normal weather apps will only give you limited information thatā€™s why piste maps from pistepro.com is perfect for this sort of preparation. You are able to not only see the weather for the specific ski resort but change the heights, so you understand the level of snow throughout.Ā Ā  This will give you hourly information but also information up to 15 days in advance. Make sure that you check this out in advance of travel but also when at the resort to get the most out of it.