When you need to move someone who needs medical attention, the last thing you want is to worry about how much it will cost. However, suppose you’re a caregiver for an elderly or disabled person and don’t have much money to spare. In that case, knowing how much medical transportation costs and planning accordingly can be crucial for saving money on your end. Here are some tips on how to get the best deals when you need medical transport services.


Look For Discounts


If you have health insurance (or a family member who does), check with your provider to see if they offer any discounts on medical transport. You can also ask your employer if there are any company-wide discounts available. If your employer doesn’t provide anything, try contacting the credit card company that issued your employee ID card and ask them about their discount program, as many of them have one.


The government offers a variety of programs that could help you save money on medical transportation costs. Medicare, Medicaid, and other government-sponsored programs can help offset travel costs when it comes to emergency ambulance rides, non-emergency ambulance rides, or even non-ambulance transportation services. 


To illustrate, if you are in Portland, look up medical transportation in Portland, Oregon, to see if there are any government benefits on medical transportation available in your state.


Book Transportation In Advance


Booking in advance may be your best bet to save money on medical transport. In this fast-paced world, we want everything now and can’t wait, but booking in advance can save you time, money, and hassle. Your loved one will receive top-quality care at the right price if you book a few days or weeks before the day they need transportation. When you book early, you won’t have to worry about paying more than necessary, and prices should be set.


The same goes for last-minute trips if your relative needs an emergency pick up from their doctor’s office or hospital after hours. If it’s already late into the night (or early morning), don’t expect that company’s rates will be any lower than what would be charged during regular business hours. Take advantage of our 24/7 service options when booking.


Take Advantage Of Free Rides


You can also find free rides by taking advantage of programs that offer complimentary transportation for people with disabilities, the elderly, and the military. The National Association for Medical Transport Assistance (NAME-assisted) is a non-profit group that supports those who need medical transport services. 


If you do not qualify for any of these types of programs or do not wish to pursue them further, options are still available to help save money on transportation costs.


Get A Referral


Referral programs are a great way to save money on medical transport. If you have a hospital or transportation company that you use regularly, they may offer referral programs that give you discounts on your trips. These discounts range from $25 to hundreds of dollars per trip.


Some insurance companies also offer referral programs for their customers, so it’s worth checking with them if you have coverage through them. In addition to saving money on each trip, these referral programs can be highly convenient since they take the hassle out of having to do the research yourself to find a good deal each time something comes up.


Reschedule Your Non-Emergency Appointments


You may be able to reschedule your non-emergency appointment without penalty. If you want to reschedule, do it as soon as possible. If you can’t get in touch with your doctor’s office, ask the receptionist if they can transfer you directly to their scheduling department. Sometimes there is a fee for cancellations and no-shows. So check on that before canceling an appointment or rescheduling. Some places will waive these fees if you have a good reason for needing to cancel.


If all else fails and your doctor’s office refuses to work with you, look into other providers who may offer more flexible appointments or locations near your workplace. Or accept that this isn’t the right time for them right now but keep them on hand as options down the road when life settles down again.┬á




The medical transport industry is a big business, and it can be hard to know where to start when saving money. The best way to save money on medical transport services is by researching and finding the right company for your specific needs. You can also save money by keeping an eye on rates and knowing how much you should expect to pay before making any decisions around insurance benefits or out-of-pocket costs.