A huge number of users enter this social network every day and spend at least twenty minutes there. If you correctly maintain a profile and create the right advertising on Instagram, you can recruit a large base of clients on this site.


However, many newcomers  are faced with the fact that they do not know how to create layouts for advertising in Instagram stories. To master this skill, you need to understand the subject.

Where to get advertising templates for stories?

To make your life easier, you can pay for ready-made layouts to another person or find already made Instagram blanks.


You can order layouts from the designer, which will help to put the message in a pleasant visual. But it could be worth a lot of money, so there’s an alternative.


Free templates can be found online or in Instagram story maker. They allow you to make a high-quality layout for advertising on Instagram Stories. Many applications have a wide range of templates to help show individuality, but often additional templates are available only with a paid subscription.

How to make layouts for Instagram stories?

Creating layouts for Instagram on your own, you can choose several ways to solve the problem. The first of them is to draw layout fragments in Photoshop and combine them with photo and video materials.


This option requires time and effort, as it will require knowledge of design and knowledge of Photoshop. Of course, the time spent will be beneficial, but today not everyone has the time and money to study all the nuances.


Another way is to use applications designed to create advertising layouts. They offer all the necessary functions for working with files. Some applications will also have to be figured out, but the result will be quick. Advertising templates for Instagram in any case will save time.

Requirements for advertising on Instagram


When using any option to create an advertising layout, do not forget about the requirements of Instagram Ads:


  • Photo – the image should be square. Size 1080 x 1080 px. The text may be present on the photo, but not more than 20%. The title is limited to 125 characters.


  • Video – the maximum is 60 seconds. You can download it in mp4 format. Maximum weight 1.75 G, the description also does not exceed 125 characters.


  • Carousel – the carousel contains from 2 to 10 blocks.


If you do not comply with a number of requirements for the story to advertise, it may not bring the desired response or even fail to pass moderation 

How to prototype ads with apps

To create an advertising layout on Instagram Stories, you will need visual material from which the ad will be composed. Interesting photos, screenshots from the life of the page, videos from life will serve as such material.


The main thing that the collected files should correspond to is compliance with the theme of the blog. All of them should clearly and in detail cover the topic of the page. It helps the public in a short time to understand whether the subject of advertising is interesting or not.


The VistaCreate service offers ready-made advertising templates into which you can insert your material. There are both free layouts and paid elements at a small price. With the help of a clear interface, you can quickly and easily create a visual in the same style. Also, the site has inspiring examples for creating ads.