I WENT under the knife to lose one hundred pounds after my ovary burst due to my excess size and medics told me I would never have kids if I did not shed the weight – and now I can have kids again.

Nanny Zoe Desantis  (23) from Boston, Massachusetts was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in 2017 when she had to get emergency surgery after her ovary burst.

Zoe was told by her primary care physician that it would become nearly impossible for her to have children if she did not lose weight.

At the time Zoe weighed 240 pounds and was a UK size 20.

She was an emotional eater and sometimes she would consume over two tubs of ice cream to cope with a bad day.

Zoe had an unhealthy relationship with food and it got to the point where she would fear putting anything into her mouth considered ‘unhealthy’.

She tried all kinds of diets and exercise to no avail before she started researching weight-loss surgeries.

Zoe’s primary care physician however told her she was ‘crazy’ and ‘silly’ to consider the idea.

She decided to get a second opinion on the matter and decided on a Vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Zoe’s family and fiance were worried yet supportive of her decision.

She wanted to lose at least a hundred pounds in order to lead a healthier life and be able to have children of her own in five years.

Zoe has lost 100 pounds after her vertical sleeve gastrectomy. mediadrumimages.com/@zoe.d.vsg

“The deciding factor for me had been when I found out that the health concerns my weight caused would make it difficult for me to have children,” Zoe says.

“I am a nanny, I am around children all day and I know how much I one day want that for myself.

“My ovary burst one day in 2017, I had to be reeled into emergency surgery and it will be difficult enough for me to have children as it is.

“After that operation, I tried all kinds of diets, including Keto and intermittent fasting.

“I would lose ten pounds then gain it all back, I just could not lose weight naturally.

“It was September 2020 that I decided to get weight loss surgery, and I had the actual operation date rescheduled twice due to covid.

“I finally had my operation in April 2021, I am now nine months post-op and have surpassed my goal weight.

“I am currently maintaining my weight of 147 pounds and learning healthier food habits and portion control.

“I am getting married in 2023 and have plans to start trying to have a baby after the wedding and after I finish nursing school.

“My ovaries are doing great now that I’m healthier.”

Zoe has been with her fiance Brandon (23) since before her surgery and claims that he is completely supportive of her surgery.

“He has been very supportive, he has always been my rock,” she says.

“That is not to say he wasn’t scared it was a big life-changing decision and a major surgery to undergo.

“But I educated him on all the things that were happening and he saw that I was going for all my doctor’s appointments and taking this seriously.

“Even after the surgery, he has been my number one supporter.

“Like when we cook dinner now he’ll cook me, and he’ll small portions because he knows that I can’t eat much.

“We got engaged in September 2021 and he’s just been great.

“We want to definitely try to have kids after the wedding.”

Zoe is overjoyed at how her life has improved since her surgery and credits her new outlook on her weight loss.

“I am just so much happier I always thought I was going to be unhappy forever,” she says.

“I never knew that I could love myself the way I do now and it’s not just me loving myself because I’m skinnier.

“There are things that I can do now that I couldn’t do that like makes my life so much easier.

“For example running, I am a nanny, I need to run after the kids and when I was overweight that was incredibly difficult.

“Now I can run all day and not get tired, I’m healthier and I love myself.

“It’s just like a really good feeling to finally be able to like look in the mirror and not nitpick every single thing.”