By Chloe Shakesby


THIS LIVING doll from Horsham spent £30k transforming her look after losing her job due to the pandemic and now makes a whopping £120K per year thanks to her investment.

Maddison Fox, 29, makes £120k a year through her dollification.

Model and content creator Maddison Fox (29) lost her office job when the pandemic hit in March 2020, but soon found a new calling which she calls “bimbofication” and invested in her 30JJ (1,300cc) breasts.

Maddison had always been drawn to Barbies and dolls, admiring their ultra-feminine shapes and styles, and said that in retrospect losing her office job gave her the opportunity of a lifetime.

She discovered dollification and bimbofication on Instagram, and found out that it was exactly what she’d been looking for – a pursuit of the hyper-feminine.

“I’ve always looked up to Barbies, dolls and feminine things, so for me it just made sense,” said Maddison.

“Clearly, I had insecurities about the way that I looked.

Maddison, 29, before starting her career as a glamour model.

“Bimbofication has made me much more confident. I love my body, I love the trajectory that I’m on –  I just love improving myself spiritually and physically.”

Maddison estimates that she has spent between £25k and £30k on body modifications, including  two breast enlargements, numerous amounts of filler in her lips, botox and fox eye surgery.

Maddison, 29, has had £30k worth of surgeries to become a living doll.


“My breasts are now a size 30JJ, with 1,300cc implants that I had to go abroad for as they aren’t regulated in the UK,” said Maddison.

“I want to expand the implants to 2,500cc, and I would like to get a Brazilian bum lift and a nose job.”

Although she still has plenty of body modification plans, Maddison says that since having her surgeries, she feels beautiful for the first time.

Maddison, 29, says that people sometimes point and laugh at her.

“I feel I’ve definitely reached a point now where I can finally look in the mirror and think ‘yeah, I’m beautiful outside as well as in’,” she said.

“I’ve reached that point of confidence and self belief through amending myself.”

Maddison earns around £10k a month from content creating and streaming – meaning she could pay for all of her surgeries on just three months’ earnings.

Maddison, 29, discovered bimbofication on Instagram in 2020.

Becoming a living doll hasn’t been all plain sailing though, as Maddison’s family aren’t as enthusiastic about her body modifications as she is.

“My family and friends love me, so they’re going to love me regardless, but my mum is not supportive of the whole dollification thing and neither is my sister,” said Maddison.

“I have two brothers and they would probably say it’s ridiculous, and my dad just wants me to be happy. They don’t really get it.”

Maddison says that as well as disapproval from her family, she’s had to get used to being ridiculed around town and boyfriends not liking her job.

Maddison, 29, is planning to have ‘at least’ three more surgeries.

“Sometimes people point and giggle,” she said.

“They look at me as though I’m something to be laughed at. It’s usually women as men love the way I look.

“My personal life has been really affected by this job – not because of my looks so much, but men don’t tend to like the fact that you earn money from being a content creator and glamour model.

“But I have enough fans and support that one or two haters isn’t going to knock me. I’m not hurting anybody, I’m not doing anything wrong – so I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing.

“I make a lot of money so I’m obviously doing something right.”