What do you want the theme of your kid’s Birthday party to be? This is a question that many parents ask themselves when they are planning their child’s Birthday party. If it is for one of your children, then you should try and make it as unique as possible so they can remember this Birthday for years to come. The reason to theme a birthday party is so that it can be different from the last one. In this piece, we’ll discuss six Birthday party themes that are perfect for kids!

1. An Outdoor BBQ Birthday Party Theme

Depending on your geographical location, and the birthdate of your kid, holding a birthday party outside might sound like the perfect idea. For older kids, this will give them the freedom to mingle and enjoy their freedom. The same can be said for younger kids when exposed to outdoor activities. Preparing a birthday for kids can seem like a daunting task. you have to think everything through to ensure that they have a blast on their special day. Before the d-day, ensure that you have all the party supplies to avoid the last-minute rush. You’ll want to keep in mind that this is a milestone in their lives that you’ll want them to remember for the rest of their lives. Among other things that you’ll need to keep in mind include:

  • Guest invitations
  • Prepare hamburgers and hotdogs in advance
  • Set up a grill outdoors with plenty of seating for everyone
  • Serve chips alongside other snacks
  • Play games like football and Frisbee to get everyone excited
  • Include confetti, streamers, or balloons as decorations
  • Encourage guests to bring their favorite outdoor game for additional activities

2. A Circus Theme

Now, who doesn’t love a circus? Before you invite the clown, ensure that the invited kids don’t have a phobia for one. Kids love the circus. Birthday party themes around this idea are perfect for kids who want to have a different kind of birthday party out of the ordinary. A circus-themed birthday is usually filled with glitter, lots of colors, and amusement like clowns or games that kids can enjoy together with their friends. If you need ideas for your circus-themed birthday, then stick around. This is where the party boy or girl gets the first round to hit the pinata, blow the cake outdoors, and be the first on the water slide. It will require time to prepare for such an event but with time on your hands, it’s achievable.

3. Camping Theme Birthday

If you want your kids to enjoy the great outdoors for their birthday party, then consider having a camping theme Birthday Party. You can plan the whole thing as if they are actually spending time in the woods with friends and family. Plan on games that involve teamwork like capture-the-flag or hunt-for-treasure where they have to work together for the prize.

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If you are planning on having a Birthday cake, then choose one that is appropriate for camping like a cupcake with an icing tent or brownies shaped in logs. For decorations bring along some of your kids’ stuffed animals and let them sit around the campsite as if they were real wild animals.

4. Movie Night in the Backyard

Kids love movies and most parents do too. Instead of spending the money to go out for a movie, watch one in your backyard! All you need is an inexpensive projector or even a laptop if you just want everyone looking at it sideways on their laps. Buy a simple white sheet, some folding lawn chairs, and snacks for the perfect movie night in your backyard. This birthday party idea is so great because it can be done anywhere you have space. The kids will love this one!

5. Princess Tea Party


A tea party-themed birthday is perfect for the little girl who loves to feel like a princess. You can go all out with decorations and dress-up clothes, or simply serve sandwiches at an outdoor picnic. Either way, your daughter will enjoy being treated like royalty on her special day! Let her pick an Elsa kind of dress, being the princess that she is. Let her serve her friends and be the one to dictate how things will be, with supervision, of course.

6. Picnic In Your Backyard

Why not make the party a picnic in your backyard? If you have more than one child, why not invite their friends over to enjoy an outdoor birthday celebration. You can keep it simple by laying out some snacks on a blanket for the kids to munch on while playing outside. Have fun with the theme, and include things like a picnic basket filled with food for the kids to enjoy. You can even create paper bags or baskets as party favors they can take home!

7. A Sports-themed Birthday Party

If you are celebrating a boy’s birthday party, then it’s only fair that you consider their sporting inclinations. If they love basketball, football, or any other sports, you could help them celebrate their team as they celebrate their birthday. You could have the cake modeled in a way that depicts their love for sports. Some girls are into sports and they shouldn’t be left out! Ensure that the party is themed around the sports that they love. You could hold a tournament afterward, if you have the space for it, of their favorite sporting event, and seeing that there will be peers around, all the better.

8. Art-y Party Birthday Theme

Kids love art, especially when it’s involving. You could start by allowing them to prepare the cake and see how it goes. If you have all the supplies, you could allow them to go all-in in preparing for the event in terms of decorating. You’ll be there guiding them so that nothing goes wrong.


Unlike adults, kids should be supervised. this will help avert injuries especially after they’ve become hyper from eating all that candy. You can involve your kid to help out with the preparations. But you might as well plan the birthday party as a surprise. This will surely sweep them off their feet.