One of the most prominent global cities, London houses a number of attractions for people to visit and experience. Founded by the Romans and named Londinium, the city has been there for two millennia and is the largest in the United Kingdom. Tourism is one of the primary industries in London, and 2016 saw 700,000 full-time employees in it. The industry came to a grinding halt with the Covid-19 pandemic. Staying true to their tourist spirit, Britishers and people residing in and near London continued their trips within the city, thus, popularising the idea of a London staycation.

There are so many benefits of taking a London trip that the idea is worth considering as a beautiful alternative to vacation. With the Square Mile, which used to be the core of finance in the City of London, and the additional thirty-one Burroughs, the city offers multiple options for anyone looking to spend time in it.

Supports the local businesses: In pre-Covid times, London enjoyed the attention of about 30 million visitors from all over the world every year. But in 2020 and by the first quarter of 2021, these numbers reduced drastically, leading to heavy losses for the tourism industry. Given the current economic situation of the local ventures, the British people are trying to lend their support to the economy. Therefore, they are keeping their vacations within the city. As per a survey by MasterCard, 69% of British consumers are trying to invest their money within their communities to recover the British-owned independent businesses. You may shop necessary items at local boutiques, buy produce from the farmers’ market and visit family-run leisure facilities.

Takes less time: Amongst all the reasons to plan a holiday close to home, convenience is the most obvious. Right from the ease of carrying luggage, keeping an eye on children, and decreasing the travelling time to reaching a destination by car, a close holiday destination gives you the advantages of taking the stress out of travelling.

Allows better experience: With London streets emptied of their usual crowd, you have more space for yourself and can make the most of the social distancing norm and avoid close human contact. At the same time, you can spend more quality time than ever before and click photos standing in front of your favourite attractions.

Opportunity to visit London’s green areas: As the city’s pollution level has gone down, you may cite a deer or two in the green spaces and parks. Owing to the pollution, many foxes, deer and squirrels had retrieved to places with denser vegetation. But, the dearth of commuters, the absence of cars and buses have created a safer London for these animals. For you, it is excellent as you can experience the free movement of these animals and see the green spaces of the city in their best version.

Less expensive: One of the main benefits of a staycation is its affordability. The average cost of a holiday per individual is very high. As a result, several people are deterred from making that much-deserved break. However, if you stay within London, you may stop worrying about spending money on colossal luggage, visas, costs of flights, and making the trip economical.

Facilitates regular outings: Holidays and vacations are not only about visiting a specific place. It also involves deciding where to go, planning and making necessary purchases. It is all quite exciting. How about making plans and decisions on a regular basis? If you plan a London staycation, you can visit places more often because of their proximity and low cost. There are places in your immediate vicinity that you have never had the time to pay attention to as you were either busy with your work or preferred going to places at a distance.

Eases travel: You may be conscious of your carbon footprint or a nervous flyer. Sometimes certain aspects of travelling far and wide may turn you off. With staycation, you can bid farewell to such problems. Indulge in day trips, and resort to cycling or renting a car. During the lockdown, people avoid using public transport as they feel uncomfortable. Also, if you have differently-abled or aged family members, taking them out on a long-distance trip becomes difficult for them and also for you. Travelling at your convenience takes a second seat as you have to depend on the flight timings, rules, etc. On the plus side, hire a car and leave for a trip with your family. You will be all your own and can enjoy the trip without depending on anyone else.

London is a jam-packed city with noteworthy things to do and see. While life is tough these days, a staycation in London still promises a memorable experience rich in culture, history, and so much more.