Even if there’s plenty of time before your graduation party, you should think about planning it in advance (a few weeks, or better, a few months!). Thus, your party preparations will be less stressful, and you will be able to create more thoughtful and unique decor!

There are many wonderful decoration ideas to help make your party unforgettable; for example, you can use colorful graduation balloons, garlands, chandeliers, create a photo booth, Instagram-inspired décor, and more!

Now we will share with you the very best of these ideas!

Balloon chandeliers with photos

Balloons are a wonderful decor element for any party, they will always help you out and allow you to create mind-blowing party decor. For example, you can make something as simple and memorable as balloon photo chandeliers.

Choose the best photos of your graduate and his friends, attach them to balloons inflated with helium, and tie them in a row to a party table, stair railings, or weights on the floor.


Today, no party is complete without making selfies!

High school students especially love photoshoots; therefore, you need to come up with a beautiful “base” for your photos. An amazingly decorated photo booth will help you capture the festive moment and get plenty of cool photos as a keepsake. After the party, you can turn all these photos into a memorable photo book or post them on social media!

There are many design ideas for such a photobooth: use balloons (both latex and foil — there are lots of cool Mylar foil graduation balloons designs available today), sparkling tinsel, fresh flowers, and greenery, colorful paper garlands, and pretty fabric.

Candles in the jars

If your garden graduation party takes place in the evening, then this idea is for you!

Buy inexpensive candles and tiny glass jars (you can find them in decor stores or even at a flea market), then make some nets for jars using a thin rope. Then, just put the candles in the jars, decorate them with greenery and flowers and hang them on the tree branches above the tables!

Confetti balloons

Confetti balloons look just great! Confetti in the form of multi-colored stars, circles, small cubes, hearts shine and gleam like liquid sunshine in such a transparent ball.

You can use them to decorate the entrance to the hall, candy bar, photo zone, space near the festive table, or just scatter them around the room!

Don’t forget that balloons also match with music and dancing. You can spice up your party by setting up a themed disco where you blast music through loudspeakers or through silent disco headphones to make your party memorable for you and your guests!


All young people know what Instagram is; they not only know about it but spend most of their free time there!

Create cardboard frames with Insta design, print photos of your graduate and his friends, then insert photos into these frames and create a memory board — the young guests will be happy!

Floral centerpieces

Floral centerpieces are the perfect finishing touch for your graduation party decor. Create arrangements of fresh local flowers in clear jars and arrange them on tables, or hang small glass vases on a string from tree branches if you have an outdoor party.

You can complement flower arrangements with LED garlands: it looks extremely beautiful and romantic!

Candy bar

Sweets are a perfect idea for a party, and theme sweets are also a win-win décor option!

Buy some wafer rolls with cream, wrap each with satin ribbon and you will have some sweet diplomas for your grads! Also, you can bake graduation hats cookies: believe us, it will be very fun!

Don’t forget to offer your young guests some fresh cold milk so they can wash down their cookies!

Personalized labels

Remember that the smallest décor elements can give your party a special charm!

For example, create cute personalized labels with the names of guests or funny greetings and attach them to bamboo sticks and drinking straws and use them for snacks and drinks.