If you are planning to fund your crypto business via the ICO route, then you must be wondering how to write a good white paper for an ICO. An ICO white paper has become an important tool since many crypto businesses launched ICOs in the past few years. ICO whitepaper is the key component that allows the investor to decide whether or not to invest their money in a certain project. 

A good white paper should comprise the following sections:


Project Outline:

The most important step while writing any document is to write a compelling project outline and introduction. The content should clearly define the problem that your project intends to solve. Keep the project outline unique and catchy. The outline needs to stand out and grabs investor’s interest to read on. Provide an overview to the investor of what they can expect and also mention the benefits of reading the document. An informative and well-structured outline can help you to go a long way. If your white paper contains terms that need to be defined, you can make a glossary in the section as well. 


Solution and product:

This contains information about your product/service. The solution section should include a detailed breakdown of your project to show how it solves the problem you just outlined. Feel free to provide detailed market analysis data to give surety to investors that you are very serious about your business. Most companies usually have outlined only, so you need to include visual data or mockups that can help investors visualize your project. Another good addition in this section is the development of a road map. This will give an idea to the investors of where the project is heading and tells them that you understand the marketplace in which you are about to enter. 


Project team:

The most essential section in your ICO whitepaper is info about your project team. It includes profiles of all the team members that really help to increase both investor confidence and interest. Now, the investors also want to know who is involved in the project and what are their expertise and knowledge. When the potential investor realizes that he is dealing with serious people, he shares more money willingly. Not only describe who the individual behind your project is but also explain why they are important for this particular project and why these people can make it work.  


Token release and economic ideas:

In this section, you give information about your ICO token issue. It includes details regarding your crypto token and also including their value and which crypto token platform you plan to issue them. Another important point is that how you plan to allow the investors to reclaim their tokens and also provide information about the investor refund policy. Also, include all the relevant security details that make the investor believe your ICO is safe. No matter how attractive your ICO whitepaper seems to investors, no one is going to pay if they believe that the transaction is not secure. 


Legal Aspect:

Your white paper should clearly explain all issues related to your legal security plan. If there is any reimbursement system, then the potential investor should be provided with clear details. This will protect the future of your business and also notify the possible risk to the client.