The role music plays in humans is remarkably undeniable. From bringing calm to an emotional storm to the light, we see in our darkest days. It’s a companion when enveloped with loneliness and inspiration when we run out of ideas. It’s also a form of solace when hurt and broken. Humans need music. Music is one of the few things that have proven to be timeless, transcending every human barrier and social boundary. Considering what music is to us, we cannot help but acknowledge that it is an integral part of our existence as humans, and we need it more often than not. Playing music via mobile devices is how most people listen to music now, as it is pretty much convenient and can come through every time. Whether at the office with your earbuds plugged in, going on a walk, in the gym, or hospital. Listening to your favorite sounds at any given time can be incredibly soothing.


 Music and musicians evolved over the centuries from when you could only listen to music at live events to when recordings were made and specially stored in disks and CD players. Now it has evolved into virtual storage online, which makes streaming possible. As much as this development is welcomed and applaudable, the fact that you cannot listen to your favorite songs without an internet connection poses a problem. These streaming services require the internet to work. This article will provide four different alternatives of hitch-free ways in which you can download and have unlimited access to your favorite music all the time with no extra cost.


How To Download Music To Your Phone

There are different ways in which you can download music to your phone but the safest and best way to achieve these include the following:


YouTube Mp3

YouTube MP3 is one of the biggest and most popular online entertainment platforms where you get to listen to many songs through a single platform. This platform is straightforward to use, and it only requires a one-time download on your device. All you have to do is get a great app that converts YouTube to Mp3 files, then copy the URL of the video song from YouTube and paste it into the YouTube MP3 converter. Both YouTube and the conversion platform are independent of the rules applying to operating systems like; Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. All users can download songs from it by simply opening the YouTube to MP3 Converter, copying the song link from YouTube in the given box. Next, choose the correct file format (MP3 for audio only). Now, click on Convert and wait for the website to redirect you to a point where you see ‘Download’ and save this will always be on your phone except you delete it.


Phone Music Apps

Many people express so much surprise when informed that they can use their phone’s music app to download music. Well, it is 100% possible! If you use a smartphone, your phone will certainly have a default music app. For Android, the application is Google Music, and for iOS devices, it is iTunes. These applications are in-built and cannot be deleted from the phone. Therefore, they can function properly without any form of a download. These apps can be accessed with an active and stable internet connection. It is flexible enough for you to create a playlist of your favorite songs and enjoy them at any time. 


However, to listen to these songs on your playlist offline, you have to download these songs by opening your phone’s default music app, tapping on the song you desire to download, and then clicking on the ‘Download’ button. The song will be saved on your phone with these simple steps, available for future offline use. You can also download the entire playlist if you wish to. For that, you have to open the playlist and tap on ‘Download All.’  This way, you have the whole playlist available even when offline.


Third-party Apps

Often, people are unhappy or displeased with their phone’s default music app because it does not possess certain perks that they look out for. There are many third-party music applications available on your phone app store for free to give you a more personalized experience. Applications like Audiomack, Wynk, and Spotify are easily accessible in the App Store, and they provide unlimited access to millions of songs suitable for every mood and event. Like default music apps, you can stream music online or download the music on your phone for offline use by simply hitting the ‘Download’ button.


Download Softwares

Often, downloading music to your phone directly from the Internet feels like a chore due to the music websites you’re using. It redirects you from one page to another, the unending ads demanding you to click on several things, and the different download issues are very typical in this case. Furthermore,  these bogus music websites either promote other services/businesses or will try to steal your data with this. That is why downloading music from the Internet is something people avoid like a plague. However, there is so much free song downloader software available to do the job quickly and hassle-freely. Software like 4K Video Downloader and Music Music Manager are examples of such types of software. The only problem involved is that you need to download the software on your laptop or PC, download the songs, and subsequently transfer them to your mobile phone. 

The process to download songs from this software is pretty straightforward. After downloading and installing the application to your laptop or PC, you run the software on the PC/Laptop. Copy the link to the video from YouTube and paste it into the search box. Once completed, choose the audio quality and file type. Search the save location and then click on the ‘Extract’ button. The audio file will be automatically saved when you double-click it. After all these, you pair your mobile phone using Bluetooth or a USB cable, then transfer the song to your phone and enjoy it. 

You shouldn’t deprive yourself of what you love because you can not stream music often. Instead, try out these options. Download your favorite songs quickly, and listen offline, anytime, any day.