Before you set off on your next traveling adventure, it’s absolutely imperative that you make an effort to safeguard your property. Should you fail to perform this crucial task, your home could very well be targeted by a burglar or fall victim to an electrical fault in your absence. Both of these eventualities would have an adverse effect on not only your finances but also your mental health. It is for this reason why you must go above and beyond to protect your home while you’re on vacation.

Do you want to shield your humble abode from harm while you’re out exploring the world? If so, be sure to put the advice and guidance laid out below into practice.


Invest in home security 

Leaving your home unguarded for any period of time, even if it’s only for a few days, is a massive risk simply because there will always be criminals out there waiting to pounce on your property’s perceived lack of protection. As a homeowner, it’s imperative that you don’t give these lowlife burglars what they want in this instance. Should they decide to target your home, you must make life incredibly difficult for them by increasing your residential security measures.

There are a whole host of tech devices out there that can be used to provide your property with an added layer of protection. Here are five cutting-edge home security tools that you should consider investing in:

  • Motion detector
  • Contact sensor
  • Siren
  • Keypad deadbolt lock
  • Smart CCTV

For a comprehensive rundown of the very best home security systems on today’s market, be sure to check out this insightful article on the matter.


Strengthen your entry points

Burglars are lazy. They won’t want to go out of their way to enter your home, which is why they will make a beeline for your doors and windows. Again, you can’t give them the satisfaction of getting what they want in this sense. You need to make it difficult for them to follow through with their criminal endeavors by strengthening your property’s entry points.

With regard to strengthening your front door, investing in a robust locking mechanism should be your first port of call. This entry point might be made of the strongest material known to man but, from a protection sense, it will be rendered obsolete if you fit it with a sub-par lock that is easy to bypass. If you want to fortify your front door and, in turn, keep unwanted intruders at bay, be sure to get in touch with a trustworthy locksmith in your local area.

Regarding your windows, if you haven’t done so already, it’s imperative that you invest in double glazing. Modern double-glazed windows are fitted with an internal layer of air-tight protective beading, which makes them impervious to most deformation attacks and criminal acts.

Worried that you’re going to have to break the bank in order to afford double-glazed windows? Fear not, as you might be entitled to no obligation funding. To see if you qualify for a grant in this instance, be sure to take advantage of a free Birmingham double glazing installation assessment.


Refrain from making social media updates


No matter what lengths you go to in order to prevent your home from being burgled while you’re away, all of your hard work could be unraveled in the blink of an eye if you reveal your vacation plans on social media. Unfortunately, due to a continued lack of regulatory action being taken by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, anybody can create a social media account at any time. This means that a criminal could spy on your status updates from afar via a hidden account. Why would they do this? It’s simple: to keep an eye on your feed until they receive confirmation that your home is empty. Once they receive this confirmation, they will then sneak around to your property in the dead of night, safe in the knowledge that nobody will be there to deter their criminal actions.

Whatever you do, don’t make life easy for all those anonymous, cowardly criminals lurking around out there on the world wide web. As tempting as it may be to showcase the fact that you’re jetting off on a lavish trip, make sure you keep your vacation plans on a need-to-know basis. If anything, save your traveling status updates until you get home. As long as you keep schtum about your vacation while you’re out of town, there’s nothing wrong with showing off your snaps once you’re back in the comfort of your humble abode!


Safeguard against electrical faults


Criminality isn’t the only plight that you need to protect your home against while you’re away on vacation. Your property could suffer from a power surge at any second in your absence, which is why you must make an effort to deal with potential electrical faults before you jet off.

Disconnecting your electronic devices is a simple yet effective way to handle this crucial task. TVs, stereos, chargers, small kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, computers — you name it, you must unplug them all if you want to avoid causing a power surge. Yes… unplug. Switching off your appliances is simply not enough in this instance because, as long as they are physically connected to a power source, electricity will continue to run through them. If you allow your devices to remain plugged into your property’s power outlets, they will be liable to overheat and, in turn, short out. Even the smallest of sparks has the potential to cause a widespread fire in your home, and that devastating eventuality doesn’t even bear thinking about.

After enjoying a relaxing vacation, the last thing you want to do is return home to find your worldly belongings damaged, destroyed, or stolen. It is for this reason why you must safeguard your property before you jet off at all costs. When you take on this all-important challenge, be sure to put all of the advice laid out above into practice.