Rob and Cat love dressing up in cosplay outfits. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

By Martin Ruffell


THIS WOMAN fell in love with a man TWENTY-ONE years older than her after meeting him at a sci-fi convention – and says although his kids get in the way of them doing things as a couple she prefers a mature man.

Model Kat Lyons (33) from California, USA, met her retired lieutenant colonel boyfriend Rob Berg (54) from Texas, USA, at the sci-fi convention Galaxy Fest in Colorado in February 2019.

Despite their 21 year age difference, the pair immediately hit it off due to their shared interest in cosplay, sci-fi and comic books.

Kat poses for a modelling shot. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

The couple immediately began dating, but not everyone in their lives were supportive of their new relationship at first. Kat’s mum told her that Rob was just with her for her youthfulness and would leave when he got tired of her.

Fortunately, after two years together, Kat’s mum has taken a liking to Rob and they even shared a hug when they last met.

When in public, Kat and Rob are affectionate with each other, something that Kat says causes strangers to stare and whisper about the couple when they think they aren’t looking.

Kat and Rob met two years ago at a sci-fi convention in Colorado. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

Scepticism about Kat and Rob’s love isn’t just confined to the outside world. The couple have people online commenting on pictures of them together, calling their relationship disgusting and even telling Kat that she should leave Rob and try dating someone younger.

Kat says there are distinct advantages to being with an older man that strangers simply do not understand. Notably, Rob is mature, emotionally stable and knows what he wants in life. He is also able to provide for the couple financially, allowing Kat to avoid spending her thirties living with her parents.

However, Rob has two daughters, Sophia (6) and Madison (18) from two previous marriages and whilst they share an immense love with Kat, she says that it can be difficult for the couple to go out and spend quality time together alone when Rob has full custody of the youngest.

Kat says that being with an older man has provided her with both emotional and financial stability. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

Despite her man’s age, Kat says that Rob always steals the show with his charm when they meet with friends or go out. According to the 33-year-old, men are even turned on by his good looks and charisma.

“We met at the sci-fi convention Galaxy Fest in February 2019 and fell in love after we went out on our first date,” said Kat.

“For Rob it was my geeky personality and for me it was that he could make me laugh effortlessly – we’re both naturally silly people.

Not everyone has been supportive of their love, with Kat’s mum being sceptical of Rob’s intentions. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

“My family was not so keen on me and Rob being together, especially at first. My mum said he was closer to her age and that he just wanted me because I’m young and eventually he will get tired of me.

“It was hurtful, but things have changed in the past two years and she seems okay with it now. They met recently and she even hugged him which was a big moment.

“There are lots of benefits to being in an age gap relationship.

According to Kat, even men are turned on by her 54 year old boyfriend’s charm. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

“Rob has plenty of life experience, he knows what he wants, and is responsible.

“Being with someone older often means that you are with someone both more emotionally and financially stable and can avoid living in your parent’s basement.

“When we are out, I notice people staring and whispering about us. I certainly notice it more than Rob does.

Kat sits on Rob’s knee in her tiny shorts. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

“Online we always get comments about his age and people asking why I’m with an old man.

“Women often comment about it being disgusting. They say that ‘he just likes young women’ and say that ‘when I get tired of the old man I should try someone young’.

“Age certainly doesn’t define the love we share.

Rob fell in love with Kat’s geeky side and Kat loved that Rob can make her laugh effortlessly. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

“Rob has two kids from previous marriages and with him having sole custody over his six-year-old, it does affect our ability to go and do things as a couple.

“But I share an amazing love with both his six-year-old and eighteen-year-old so there are no issues there.”

Kat is eager to let the world know that age should not define any relationship and hopes to eventually marry Rob to demonstrate the love they share, despite not particularly believing in the institution itself.

Kat has strangers telling her to leave Rob and find a younger man. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

“Some people are sceptical about being with someone a lot older or younger than themselves, but you might be missing out on the best thing in your life,” she said.

“A lot of the time you can find stability with a person that is more mature.

“Eventually we want to get married even though we both don’t believe in the institution of marriage.

The couple unfortunately have strangers online telling them that their relationship is disgusting. MDWFeatures / @katreaper

“There are benefits to doing so and we both plan on being with each other for the rest of our lives, so why not.”