Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles and Princess Anne after the announcement of the Queen's pregnancy in 1959. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto

By Amy Walters



COLOURISED photographs have been released to celebrate the life of the late Duke of Edinburgh – including his time as a husband to Queen Elizabeth II and his selfless duties in the Royal Air Force.

In one image, the Duke of Edinburgh is shown sitting proudly as he posed for a photo wearing his uniform of Marshall for the Royal Air Force in 1953 which he was promoted to after his long-standing 14-year service.

Another picture showed Prince Philip with his wife, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and their two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne in 1955 with The Shah of Persia and his wife, Queen Soraya. The Shah and Queen Soraya were luncheon guests on a private visit to the United Kingdom and visited the Royal family at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Philip as the Lieut. Philip Mountbatten in 1947. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto

Other images showed the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II as they left Clarence House for the last time, before she took up residence in Buckingham Palace as the new Queen of England in 1952.

One picture showed Prince Philip in his downtime, as he was photographed taking part in an impromptu bicycle polo match on the polo pitch at Windsor Castle in 1967, which showed the fun and spontaneous side of the Duke of Edinburgh.

These wonderful photographs date between 1935 and 1970 thus memorialising the honourable life that the Duke of Edinburgh lived before his tragic death in April 2021.

Prince Philip in 1935. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto

In a statement released by Buckingham Palace on April 9, 2021, the sad announcement of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s passing was made. He passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle, aged 99-years-old and his legacy is one that will be commemorated across the world.